Let’s show some love to the dads of our lives! For the occasion, we have imagined 7 creative and interactive campaign ideas you can launch to engage your audience and collect actionable data. This article brings together inspiring ideas around lifestyle, sport, music and more to help you celebrate all fathers.

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1. The shoe personality test

To help your audience offer the best gift for their dad, create a personality test! This format enables you to display a corresponding profile based on participants’ answers. This original campaign will help you collect preferences insights and encourage participants to buy the suggested product.

Personality-test-EN   Personality-test-EN-2

2. The writing contest with the best dad sentences

We love our dads for all the funny and emotional moments we spent with them. To remember these moments, why not launch a writing contest asking users to share their best dad sentences? To increase your campaign’s virality, enable participants to share their sentence on social media and vote for their favourite one. Offer the winners a special gift to increase participation and customers’ loyalty. The advantage of this campaign format is that your audience will promote your company and support your brand recognition.


You can also get inspired by Dr. Oetker’s compliment generator and give your dad a good laugh on Father’s Day by creating a joke generator! Propose to your users to select their favourite joke from a list and send it to their dad.


3. The football players’ dads quiz

Take advantage of the upcoming European Championship Football 2020 to engage football fans! Create a quiz and challenge your users to recognise the father of famous football players.


4. The new fathers’ runner

Don’t forget to also celebrate the new dads for Father’s Day! Put them in the spotlight by launching a runner game where they need to catch baby bottles and avoid nappies. This interactive format is ideal to boost your traffic and time spent on your website.


5. The unique escape game

For the most sportive dads, we have imagined a great campaign combining action and ingenuity! Create an escape game with a quiz with instant check where participants need to solve different riddles to exit the car factory the fastest possible. Thanks to its creative aspect, this game will delight users and encourage them to share the campaign with their friends, increasing both its visibility and virality.


6. The father’s day blind test

Did you know Father’s Day is celebrated in the same month as world music day? Let’s celebrate Father’s day with music through a blind test! Add a music sample to your quiz and ask participants to find the artist either among the given proposals or by typing the right answer. Create this original campaign to engage your audience and challenge its music knowledge.


7. The barbecue catcher

Father’s Day means also enjoying great times with your family. For the occasion, launch a BBQ catcher like Coop! The supermarket challenged its participants to catch BBQ products and avoid ice creams to win gift cards. This fun and engaging format is ideal for boosting participation and the time spent on your website.



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