Encountering difficulties to bring your online customers in-store and vice versa? We are giving you a couple of campaign ideas to engage your customers, existing and new, with creativity and interactivity.

Getting your online customers in-store

1/ Bring your customers in-store with the use of coupons

What if you offered discounts to your web visitors? It’s easy: create a quiz, personality test or rebus. Add a form to collect email addresses in your database. And then, you can either send the discount code by email or display it directly after the campaign is completed. This coupon can only be used in one of your stores.

Pro tip: do not hesitate to customise the products on which the discounts are available, especially when creating a personality test. Segmenting your database is one of the keys of successful marketing.

2/ Organise a prize draw

It’s easy to organise a raffle campaign to win a prize. Once participants are registered, invite the winners to withdraw their prizes directly at your store. Even more interesting: according to a study by the FEVAD (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling), 29% of online customers took advantage of the withdrawal of an order in-store to buy other products in the same store.

Pro tip: lottery games are subject to special rules. We advise you to read one of our previous articles on Belgian contest rules and regulations for more information.

Customer story: Nestlé Purina

Within their Purina brand, Nestlé is sending personalised newsletters to its segmented customers with special offers such as unique codes to bring their in-store customers online, or personalised samples to get in-store.

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Getting your in-store customers to your website

1/ Bring your customers online via QR code

If there is an interactive way to engage your customers, it’s the QR code. The possibilities to engage your audience are vast, but we suggest you create a gift guide and to slip a QR code into one of your catalogues. Just scan it to get to your campaign.

Whether it is the holiday season or a special occasion, your customers may go in search of the perfect gift without really having ideas. With a gift guide, you inspire them while attracting them online. Add a form and you’re done!

2/ Invite your customers to subscribe to your newsletter

Queuing is never fun, especially for a long time. Present your customers with an attractive game on a tablet. When the game is completed, ask them to fill in a form and offer them to subscribe to your newsletter via an opt-in. Don’t hesitate to offer a discount code as a welcome gift!

3/ User-generated content: the photo contest

Let your customers create their own fun. How? Organise a photo contest in-store. Ask them to take a picture while they are shopping in your store and upload it on a dedicated mini-site. Offer a prize to the most voted picture.

Customer story: Dr Oetker

We talked about the use of coupons above, but you can also use that technique to bring them on your website. One of the best examples: Dr Oetker slipped discount codes inside 6 of their products’ packagings and invited their customers to use them on their website. Their campaign was our January’s favourite selection!

Check out their campaign’s details here.