What is your brand planning to do to engage current and potential customers for Easter and spring? Do you need some inspiration to create an original and creative marketing campaign? Well, this article gives you Easter and spring marketing ideas imagined by our talented team or created by our customers to increase your visibility, interact with your audience and collect actionable data.

1. A wheel of fortune to boost your sales

Use the power of interactive marketing to boost your sales this Easter. The wheel of fortune is an addictive format, easy to set up: you select your prizes (discounts, vouchers, gifts, etc.) and you let participants spin the wheel to find out if they’ve won. Discover how Le Slip Français used this format to acquire new leads and boost its sales!

Tip 1: you can add a newsletter opt-in to your form to gather valuable information and send personalised emails afterwards.

Tip 2: to increase participation, promote your wheel of fortune in a pop-up displayed on your homepage or wherever you want on your website!


2. A chrono quiz to raise awareness among users

A survey conducted in the United Kingdom found that 35% of consumers buy more local foods than before the crisis. Isn’t it the perfect timing to launch an educational quiz teaching your community about the seasonality of food? If you like the idea, check the campaign we created below.

P.S. If you want to create this type of quiz for your audience, have a look at the quiz with instant answer check in our catalogue.


3. A battle to know your audience’s preferences

A battle is a right format to encourage your audience to share actionable data (check our last article around this topic if you haven’t done it yet). Ask users to vote between two of your products to know their preferences and be able to adapt your communications afterwards. You can even offer some participants the product that will have received the most votes to encourage participation.


4. A catcher to highlight your products

The catcher is a fun and engaging game that will help you increase the time spent on your channels and originally highlight your products. Dare your participants to catch as many of your products as possible, avoid bombs, and offer a unique prize to the winner(s)!


5. A quiz to test your audience’s knowledge

Did you know April is also the month of books, with the world book day on April 23rd? On this occasion, we have imagined a quiz with different types of questions:

  • Participants have to guess from which novel is a specific sentence taken;
  • Participants have to guess the title of a book by its cover;
  • Participants have to guess from which book is a summary of.

It’s your turn to play!

6. A virtual egg hunt like Delhaize and LolaLiza

What would Easter be without its famous egg hunt? As last Easter, almost the whole world was in total lockdown and couldn’t gather in parks and gardens, the retailer Delhaize and the fashion brand LolaLiza decided to organise virtual egg hunts.

Delhaize launched a quiz inviting consumers to find the Easter eggs hidden in the images as quickly as possible. There was no special reward, just a pure engagement campaign to entertain its consumers online and enable them to easily share the experience with their network via Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp.


LolaLiza, on its side, organised an egg hunt directly on its eShop. The brand hid the eggs on its homepage, product page and blog and dared participants to find them. Participants had to visit a dedicated landing page for each egg found, enter the code present on the egg, and immediately received a 10% discount. The objective? Boost its sales and engage its consumers.


COMING SOON: Repeat it!

We are building a new premium game for our catalogue that will be released soon, we have named Repeat it!. This game is easy to play: participants watch, remember and repeat the exact sequence they saw, testing their memory skill. As they get better, the length of the sequence increases and the game becomes more challenging.

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