New: Discover our ideas for Halloween 2021

For Halloween, try interactive content to attract (and terrify) your audience more originally and unexpectedly.

While there’s a strong focus on candy, costumes, and decorations, Halloween is a huge marketing event that represents opportunities in terms of data collection and engagement for all sectors: cinema, automotive, games, beauty, travel, etc.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your Halloween marketing campaigns, check out these 9 ideas.

1. A horror movies quiz

Imagine a quiz with the cult objects or characters from the best horror movies of all time. Make a poster with all the elements and invite your audience to find the movie corresponding to the items on your poster. Offer movie tickets to the participant(s) with the correct answers.


Alternative: If you work in the movie industry, make your web-users vote for the movie(s) they would like to see during Halloween night. Then, run a second campaign to win tickets for the film(s) that won the most votes, a bit like UGC’s recurring voting campaigns. ?

2. An online and in-store jackpot of candies

How to animate both your online and in-store audience? Create a jackpot! Imagine a tablet in-store, encouraging visitors to participate in your jackpot and leave their contact information to win their weight in candy, for example. If participants don’t get the same 3 candy images, they must perform a dare.

Ask them to share your jackpot on their social media or make another dare in store, for a chance to play again or receive another gift, such as a discount coupon.

Online, you can host your jackpot in a dedicated tab on your Facebook page, on a page of your website or a dedicated site.


[Message for Qualifio users] The jackpot used for this campaign is available in the templates on the platform.

3. A photo contest with your products

If you are a cosmetics brand, for example, you can encourage your visitors to make a Halloween makeup with your products.

How? Create a photo contest in which your visitors will share the photo of their makeup with your products. Encourage your community to vote for the most beautiful makeup and reward the winner. An original way to promote your products!


4. A sudden death

Create a quiz and challenge your participants to answer the questions as quickly as possible before… they get eaten! Add a little animation to make your quiz even scarier.

Discover our live example ⬇

5. A frightening “Guess who?”

With the “Guess who?” game, internet users have to guess, for example, the person hidden behind a deteriorated image (blurred, pixelized, etc.).

For Halloween, ask your audience to find the celebrity hidden behind the costume. A fun, easy and quick campaign to create!


6. A “spot the difference” game

It’s a game that always works well! Your audience has to spot the difference between the two images. You can add a timer to make the game even more challenging.

Just like Proximus, which made its participants win a housewarming party, make the player win a Halloween evening!


Be inspired by the campaigns created by the Qualifio platform users

1. Promofarma’s shell game

For Halloween, PromoFarma ecommerce created a shell game. The game was published on a dedicated page and promoted via a banner on the ecommerce’s homepage.

Visitors were invited to click on the pumpkin behind which they thought the €500 of gifts were located. To avoid cheating, after each participation, the gift was placed behind another pumpkin.


2. France Télévisions’ contest

For Halloween, France Télévisions decided to offer tickets for the Spirou amusement park. Participants were asked to answer some questions and then validate their participation by identifying themselves. They could do so either through their Google or Facebook account or by creating a France Télévisions account. This was achieved by integrating FTV’s Single Sign-On system with the Qualifio platform. FTV also collected new subscribers to its newsletter by adding an opt-in at the end of its identification form.


3. RSCA football club’s puzzle

To engage its supporters, the Belgian football club RSCA created a puzzle with pictures of players dressed up for Halloween. Users had to rebuild the puzzle as quickly as possible and find the player hidden behind the costume. The campaign was published on a dedicated website, in French and Dutch.


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