We love our tool. So, of course, we regularly tap its potential for interaction and engagement, as well as data collection and segmentation. Our marketing, HR and sales teams use Qualifio for both fun and serious purposes: creative content marketing, event registrations, contacts with clients, and then some other things. Read on to discover how Qualifio uses Qualifio —and how you can use your Qualifio subscription to its fullest!

1. Test the knowledge of our audience

Whether our idea is simple or complex, we enjoy creating quizzes and polls of all kinds. Obviously, we want to stay focus on topics that are important to us and to our core business: our interactive campaigns are always going to be tech-, marketing- or data-related. That way, we can both entertain and educate our audience, all while creating virality (personality tests, for instance, are highly shareable content) and collecting opt-ins.

2. Recruit and manage job applications

Competing for talent and connecting with potential employees is getting harder, especially in the tech sector. The best candidates aren’t responding to traditional tactics, so we need to be proactive and creative with them if we are going to bring them on board.

An ‘out-of-the-box’, interactive recruitment campaign can help your company appeal to the right people. Which is what we did last year. We tried to generate enthusiasm for roles with the launch of a ‘Bring your IT buddy’ campaign. It was based on a sponsorship system, which is sort of a win-win scenario: the sponsor walks away with cash in their hand and the employer gets access to new candidatures.

Bring your IT buddy

3. OrganiSe team events

We said it before: we love our tool and all the possibilities it opens up. As our company is growing fast and our team works in different countries, we often find that a simple campaign can help us organise and get everybody on board. For example, when our HR team needs to know the answer to such vital questions such as whether we’re going for ski or snowboard during the winter seminar, simple formats like a form or a battle can easily help.

4. Make download our premium content through a landing page

We are crazy about inbound marketing and content creation, and our strategy includes working on longer pieces of content that hold valuable information —what we call ‘premium content’. These are mainly case studies, legal white papers and inspirational e-books for your seasonal campaigns.

Premium content deserves premium la

nding pages, right? The good news is, our tool makes it very easy to create those. Qualifio allows you to decide whether the form should appear before, after or on the same page as the download button.


You might have noticed that we’ve changed our landing page template here at Qualifio. It now contains a direct link to the content, as well as an optional form to stay in touch if you decide the content is qualitative enough. Most of you are probably not huge fans of gated content, so why impose it on others?

5. Create some in-article interaction

Content is king. Okay, but what sort of content? You don’t want to fall into the trap of producing only static pieces of content. To make it attractive and fun, interactive content is key. It can be as simple as getting feedback from your readership on what is it that they like and adjust your strategy accordingly. Or just add a small poll or vote in the middle of your article (which is what we tend to do), to make it a bit more interactive. It allows your audience to not be passive.

When we are talking about a new campaign format or a new question type, we also try to create a demo campaign, a sort of live example with which people can interact. It allows them to see the product for what it really is, and how it concretely works. Less trying to sell our tool with words, more direct interactivity.

6. OptimiSe our users’ actions with checklists

Two examples that speak for themselves:

Are you well equipped against cheaters?’ was about emphasizing the importance of the anti-cheat features we develop. This aspect often gets overlooked, as most of us don’t really think about it when creating an online campaign. We rather spend time thinking about the look and feel, the content, the virality, the possible prizes, etc. But our team sees hundreds of contests of various sorts being created each day and we know what can happen when a campaign has a loophole.

The ultimate checklist for activation’ was one of those live demo campaigns and was meant to go with a blog post. One of our marketing team’s objectives is to keep inspiring our users and make sure they are always satisfied and using our tool to its fullest. This time, it was about bringing an answer (in the form of a cheat-sheet) to a question some of our users are confronted with: how to properly activate interactive campaigns?

7. Centralise and manage leads and requests

All contact forms on our website are managed through our own platform. We create simple forms to collect the data we need so that our sales team can take care of the incoming leads and demo requests.

Contact form example

This works very simply: every time someone fills out a form, an email is automatically sent to our team using variables to transmit the provided information: {name} and {email}, for instance. This works very well with Google Tag Manager too. As a result, we are able to track events and conversions. (For example, if there’s a new lead coming in, we can tell where it’s coming from.)

Landing pages are also something we use to share meeting reports with our clients. Think about it: isn’t it more efficient in terms of branding to share your file through a customised landing page than using WeTransfer or an email? We just host the files in Qualifio Manager’s multimedia library.

8. And more recently, let our audience order awesome t-shirts!


You have a Qualifio subscription or you are thinking about getting one? Give free rein to your creativity with a monthly subscription! Enjoy creating an unlimited number of interactive campaigns for various purposes, just like us.

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