Targeting and customer acquisition are at the heart of any company’s digital strategies which wants to increase its growth and revenues continuously. However, acquiring new customers is not an easy task. You have to be able to target and attract the right prospects with the right campaigns while remaining reasonable on the costs incurred. That’s a real challenge!

As an acquisition manager, how can interactive formats help you acquire new customers? How to conduct a cost-effective acquisition campaign? Here are 6 elements to take into account in your acquisition campaigns.
Qualifio is the leading SaaS in Europe for interactive marketing & data collection. It allows you to easily create and publish interactive content (quizzes, personality tests, polls, and 50+ other innovative formats) on all your digital channels, and to collect data on your audiences to better engage, qualify, segment and monetise them.

1. Unity is strength: build digital alliances

Goal? Form strategic partnerships to reach new prospects and win new customers.

How to do it? Join a partner with a strong digital presence: a brand, a company, a website or a blog. Collaboration can take the form of a promotional operation involving both parties or a joint campaign.

Customer case #1: just like the brand Andros, publish your content on a partner website to benefit from its audience. For the launch of its new range of fruit-based desserts Kidifruit, Andros collaborated with Wondercity’s website, referencing the best of early stimulation and recreational activities for children from 0 to 12 years old. Andros launched thus a campaign throughout March on a dedicated mini-site, relayed on Wondercity.

Customer case #2: partner with a complementary brand, and create and promote content together, just like Total and Volvic.

To promote its flavoured mineral water “Juicy”, Volvic partnered with oil company Total’s service stations. Together, they created a personality test published on Total’s website and promoted on Volvic’s digital channels. Participants had the opportunity to discover which Volvic Juicy taste suited their personality best but also to win a weekend trip in the mountains, by the sea or in the countryside.


The pro’s trick: needless to say, a certain number of visitors will come from your partner’s website. Your campaigns and landing pages must, therefore, be very effective. As Volvic did, don’t forget to add an opt-in for your newsletter in the form to acquire even more subscribers, and optimise the exit screen of your campaigns! Which brings us to the next point…

2. Make your campaign’s exit screen profitable

Once your users have participated in your campaign, on which channels will you redirect them? Which action do you want them to do? The exit screen is one of the most important steps in your Qualifio campaign, if not THE most important, to acquire new customers.

How to do it? You can redirect your participants to:

  • A specific landing page in connection with your campaign’s content;
  • A particular page of your website or your blog;
  • A specific piece of content to download or a product. For example: the personality test or the quiz allow you to display a different exit screen based on the participants’ answers or the score obtained;
  • A sample order;
  • A discount coupon to encourage them to buy in the context of a product launch for example;
  • A call to action allowing them to make an appointment with one of your representatives, particularly if you are a bank, an insurance company or mutual insurance company;
  • Another campaign;
  • Your social media, through sharing buttons.

To ensure that your participants are redirected to the desired channel once the game is over, you can also use automatic redirection. Participants will be redirected to the site or page of your choice after a time defined by you.

3. For more visibility, focus on virality

Increase the visibility of your acquisition campaign by turning your participants into ambassadors and encouraging them to share your campaign with their friends. First of all, make your campaigns easy to share by displaying social networks buttons (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, WhatsApp). Participants will only have to click on one of these buttons, located at the top of your campaign or in the exit screen of your campaign, to share it on the desired network. Customise the texts and images that will appear when your campaign is shared to maximise its impact!

Then, encourage your visitors to invite their friends to participate in your campaign. To that end, various incentive mechanisms exist in Qualifio, which automatically reward your “ambassadors” with a gift or an additional opportunity to participate. Give them also several sharing options on your exit screen: you can use the social networks buttons of course (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or WhatsApp), but also invitation emails. In both cases, you can configure the sharing message.

4. Transform your prospect into customers thanks to email marketing

How to do it? You can send:

  • A thank-you email to all persons who participated in your campaign, or an email to the winners only. You can also add a call to action to redirect them to your website, to a specific piece of content or your blog (see point 2).
  • A targeted email based on participants’ answers: an email that you’ll have previously configured will therefore only be sent to participants who selected a specific answer to a specific question of your campaign. It’s perfect for segmenting your participants and sending personalised messages and offers to a set of prospects.
  • A contact email a few days or weeks after the end of your campaign if your participants have given their agreement to be contacted by one of your representatives, via an opt-in for example.
  • A newsletter. Again, an opt-in will be required to demonstrate that your participants gave their consent to receive your newsletter. Interactive content will allow you to increase the number of your subscribers significantly.

5. Choose a multi-channel strategy to optimise customer acquisition

Maximise your chances of acquiring new customers by using different channels in your acquisition campaign.

To ensure a good presence with your prospects and encourage them to participate in your campaign, publish it on different channels such as your Facebook page, a specific page on your website, a dedicated mini-site or your mobile application. You can also promote your campaign in your Instagram Stories.

6. Broadcast personalised ads based on data collected

Personalisation increases your chances of turning your prospects into customers: it ensures that the offers you propose match the interests of your different segments. But the success of your targeting strategy depends on the extent and quality of the prospects data you have access to. It turns out that the campaigns you create with Qualifio allow you to collect a large volume of first-party data, especially through the forms present in your campaigns. Make this data profitable by pushing it to your CRM or DMP to segment your audience. Then retarget your different segments with specific ads.

How to do it? Use the personality test format, the quiz, the battle or the survey to collect preference data, segment your audience and enrich your segments. Integrate your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager tracking codes or your Facebook Pixel into each of your Qualifio campaigns and then retarget your participant segments based on their preference, result or profile.

How to create Facebook retargeting campaigns based on your Qualifio personality test or quiz? Here is a handy tutorial to help you unlock the marketing value of your interactive campaigns and increase customer acquisition.