While we’re entering our eighth week of quarantine in Belgium, governments across Europe are preparing to ease their country’s lockdown. However, things are not yet back to normal, and marketing professionals are working harder to keep engaging and supporting their communities online.

If you’re wondering how you can still creatively engage your audience during this ongoing crisis, let us show you the kind of interactive marketing campaigns our users are launching online. Keep on reading!

1. Campaigns around sport

Let’s start with Sporza’s campaign. Without sports on TV, the Belgian sports website decided to launch a quiz, to keep training the fans. The 15 questions quiz, integrated directly on an article, invites Internet users to find in which clubs the Red Devils players had been involved with. The correct answers are displayed at the end of the quiz. A quick campaign, easy to set up!


On its side, the Spanish sports newspaper Diario AS launched a daily challenge. Every day, users are invited to come on Diario’s website and test their sports knowledge while having fun with interactive games. For example, participants have to guess which player is hidden behind a pixelated image, rebuild puzzles of the best football stadiums in the world, or find the right word via a hangman game. To make these challenges more engaging, Diario AS is displaying a countdown for each game and is daring participants to take up each challenge as fast as possible.


2. Campaigns around cooking

To entertain its consumers, the retailer Delhaize, imagined a baking challenge. Participants have to answer as fast as possible different questions to test their baking knowledge. The correct answers are displayed at the end of the quiz as well as a link to get inspired by nice recipe ideas on Delhaize website. Maybe that’s why there was no more flour on the supermarkets’ shelves in Belgium… ?


3. Campaigns around culture

maRATP, the relationship program of RATP (French public transport company), decided to offer 200 three-months subscriptions to its members, in partnership with Youboox, the app gathering more than 250,000 books and magazines. During one month, internet users can participate in the prize draw via maRATP website. To register and try to win one of the subscriptions, participants must log in or create a new account — an effective and original campaign to develop, reward and retain its community.


Travelbook, the online German travel magazine, decided to make its readers travel without moving. Via an image-based quiz, the magazine is asking participants to find in which countries are the cities on the pictures located. For each question, the magazine is displaying an explanation or justification. The article in which the quiz is embedded is also promoting the section on its website dedicated to quizzes.


4. Campaigns around Spring

To promote its four new collections originally, the pet supplies stores Tom&Co launched a personality testwhat pet look are you?”. Based on the participants’ answers, Tom&Co displays the corresponding profile (“eco style”, “better outdoor”, “colour pop” or “pets & the city”) for them to share on their social media, highlighting some products of its new collections. Before discovering their profile, participants have the opportunity to subscribe to Tom&Co newsletter via an opt-in. Finally, a call to action is also displayed on the exit screen to purchase the products on Tom&Co’s eCommerce.


5. Campaigns around movies

The cinema chain Pathé Netherlands sent a newsletter to its community gathering three interactive games: the emoji, the kids and the film quizzes. For the first quiz, participants have to guess the movies based on emojis, like a rebus. For the second one, they have to prove how well they know children’s films. And for the last one, they have to guess the missing word from famous movie quotes. No time to be bored with Pathé!


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