Early 2018, the new Global Digital report from We Are Social and Hootsuite revealed that there are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet. As digital technology continues to evolve, users have new requests. They do not tolerate intrusive ads nor poorly targeted marketing communications anymore. This is also true in the world of banks and insurance companies. Industry players are faced with ever-demanding consumers who expect financial and insurance institutions to know them, listen to them, and reward them all along their journey.

It’s 2018. Products, services, and even business models are still changing to adapt to this new reality. We see new online contracts, chat discussions with customer services, etc. According to a recent study, more than 60% of individuals use mobile banking in European countries (2016).

However, banks and insurance companies aren’t always the ‘sexiest’, most engaging or easiest to market. For this reason, one of the challenges is to break away from the “traditional” industry approach and its clichés. In order to reach customers, find new clients and engage them, you will need smart marketing campaign ideas. Luckily, we happen to have just that!

In this ebook are 9 tactics that banks and companies from the insurance industry can borrow to find success in making their brand different and memorable.