If the summer season may be a slower time for marketers, our users have increased their inventiveness and creativity to continue to engage their audiences and collect data. They took advantage of the opportunities of the summer period to launch engaging, original and creative marketing campaigns. Focus on the best interactive marketing campaigns from June.

1. Music festivals’ campaigns

Perrier and Virgin Radio contest

From June 1st to September 30th, Perrier and Virgin Radio are launching a contest to promote their four concerts “Virgin Radio Live by Perrier” in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux.


The concept: to try to win two tickets for one of the four concerts, participants must order a Perrier on their favourite terrace. With their beverages, they receive a unique code to use on the Perrier website to participate in the contest. Once online, they have to choose the concert for which they want to win tickets for and then enter their unique code to participate in the draw. Thanks to the instant win campaign format, participants instantly discover whether they won… or not. It is an original campaign to link the physical and digital worlds.


Pro tip: Perrier generated the list of unique codes directly from the Qualifio platform, then exported it to be able to print the codes on Perrier coasters. Want to learn more about it? Discover, step by step, how to generate a list of unique codes from the Qualifio platform.

Hello Bank!’s contest

Hello Bank!, BNP Paribas Fortis mobile bank, launched a photo contest of the most beautiful tattoos, published on a dedicated website. Web users had to post a picture of the tattoo of their dreams and vote for their favourite one. The prize? 2 tickets for the Dour Festival for the 10 participants with the most votes. An excellent way to promote its partnership with the famous youth festival and improve its brand image.


Pro tip: to reach a wider audience outside its own, Hello Bank! promoted its campaigns through paid ads on Facebook. In order to target profiles you haven’t already acquired, but similar to your Custom Audience, you can use a Facebook feature called the “Lookalike Audiences”.


2. Holidays’ campaigns

Decathlon’s personality test

For summer, the French sporting goods retailer Decathlon decided to create a personality test “Which sports will you discover this summer?”.


Once the test completed, participants discover the different summer sports corresponding to their profile. Each sport is accompanied by a call-to-action redirecting to the page of the Decathlon website dedicated to the sport concerned. An ideal campaign to collect preference data, segment its audience and promote its sporting goods.


Proximus’ spot the difference

To promote its Internet subscriptions for students, the Belgian telecommunications company Proximus, launched a contest for young students in shared accommodation. The goal? Offer them the housewarming party of their dreams, while informing them about its subscriptions.


To participate, web users have first to fill out a form with all their contact details, then play the game and spot the difference between the two images. In the exit screen, a message informs the participants that the winners will be contacted by email and a call-to-action redirects them to the website for more information on Proximus subscriptions. An original campaign, combining both the playful and informative sides.

3. Movie releases’ campaigns

Lavenir.net’s personality test

Toy Story 4 was the most anticipated animated movie of the year. Lavenir.net, the leading website for regional information in French-speaking Belgium, took advantage of this opportunity to create a dedicated campaign.


Published directly on Lavenir.net website using a simple iframe, the campaign offers its readers to discover the Toy Story 4′s toy that suits them the best. To increase the number of fans on Facebook, the website also displayed a pop-up, at the beginning of the test, inviting participants to follow Lavenir.net on the social network.


Tele-Loisirs.fr’s quiz

Tele-Loisirs.fr, the French website for all TV, series and cinema news, decided in a single campaign to promote both new Disney movies and digital purchases of movies.


The website created a test offering its web users the possibility to discover the Disney movie that will meet their desires. Once the test completed, the participants see the movie that corresponds to them and five reasons to watch it in a digital purchase.

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