Are you looking to launch a marketing campaign for Easter or spring, but need some inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have found the best Easter campaign ideas that you can set up to interact with your audience and collect qualitative data. In this article, you will find ideas for creative and interactive campaigns. So be inspired and choose the ones you like the most.

If you like one of the campaigns below and would like to launch it for your audience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Best Easter campaigns: 7 ideas just for you

1. A photo contest with the colours of spring

Celebrate the return of the warm weather by launching a photo contest with the colours of spring. Ask your community to share their most beautiful photos highlighting the various colours of this season and encourage them to vote for their favourite photo. Don’t hesitate to challenge them to be as imaginative as possible!


2. A sudden death about plants

The arrival of spring means that nature is full of new life, with plants blossoming all around us. We have created a sudden death quiz based on edible wild plants to mark the occasion. Participants will have to determine which wild plant is edible, but they’ll need to be careful as they will be directly eliminated if they give the wrong answer. This format allows you to engage your customers in a fun way and retain them by allowing them to keep playing again until they reach the final question.


3. The spring destination battle

Did you know that the battle is the perfect format to collect valuable information about your customers’ preferences? As spring also rhymes with holidays for many of us, interact with your community by launching a battle of the best spring destinations. Offer two choices of destination, let your customers vote for the one they like best and give some of them the chance to win a trip to the most popular destination via a prize draw.


4. The gourmet instant check

We have created a quiz with instant check where users have to help the baker prepare a cake by guessing the ingredients needed to bake it. In this example, we have decided to choose a chocolate cake, but you can select the pastry of your choice!


5. The virtual egg hunt

What would Easter be without its famous egg hunt? Last year we organised a virtual egg hunt for our employees where we hid Easter eggs all over our team pictures, and we challenged our employees to find them all for a chance to win a gift card. Do the same for your team!


6. The love quiz

Spring is the season when it all begins. The temperatures rise, terraces reopen and nature begins to show off all its splendour. And when we say all its splendour, we don’t just mean the flowers blossoming…. Our team had fun designing a quiz with the strangest seduction techniques from the animal kingdom. And they have confirmed: the animal kingdom is a world apart.


7. The birdsong blind test

As the days get longer, the sun rises earlier and the birds start singing again, why not create a blind test about spring sounds, like birdsong? Add the sound of your choice to your quiz and engage your community by challenging them to recognise as many birds as possible, for example.


The best easter campaigns from our customers

1. Galler & UGC catcher games

Galler and UGC decided to choose the catcher game last year to engage their audiences for Easter.
The concept was the same: participants had to catch a maximum of chocolate eggs. An addictive game that enabled both brands to catch their audience’s attention and increase the time spent on their channels. The prize? A €50 chocolate voucher for Galler”s participants and loyalty points for UGC’s participants.


2. The spring calendar

The French newspaper La voix du Nord decided to launch a spring calendar in partnership with Mon petit coin vert, an e-commerce website for gardening boxes. The principle is simple: subscribers open a box each day behind which they find a quiz enabling them to try to win different gifts. To take part, they had to go to the website and log in via their existing La voix du Nord account or create a new account.


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