Like Christmas, Easter or Mother’s Day, Halloween is a time of the year you absolutely shouldn’t miss. It’s the perfect opportunity to boost your brand awareness, reach new customers and market your business. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered the best Halloween campaigns to help you to get creative and achieve your marketing objectives. So get ready to be inspired and be scared!

Be inspired by the best Halloween campaigns

1. Repeat it: the sound of monsters

The goal of the Repeat it! game is to watch the images and remember the sequence. A funny game, ideal for boosting the exposure of your brand and improving product recognition. Take a look at the game we’ve created below and don’t forget to turn up the volume to enjoy the spooky sound effects!

2. Personality test: what Halloween costume should you wear?

Personality tests are the perfect way to segment your audience. You can use the different profiles obtained by participants to create more attractive offers or recommend the right product to the right person. You can either inspire participants with Halloween costume ideas, like the example below and, why not, provide costume ideas made out of your products. Or you could create a personality test based on travel destinations and suggest to your audience a country or city that they should visit this Halloween.



3. Hidden object: where did the ghost go?

Like LolaLiza did for Easter with eggs, organise a virtual ghost hunt for Halloween to boost your sales. How did they do it? They hid the eggs on their website and dared visitors to find them. Participants had to visit a dedicated landing page for each egg found, enter the egg’s code, and immediately received a 10% discount. In one weekend, the fashion brand managed to get 1,500 orders. Ready to do the same with ghosts?


4. Blind test: the best screams in horror films

We are all familiar with Janet Leigh’s scream from the film “Psycho” in the shower, right? Well, why not launch a blind test with the best screams from the most popular horror movies? Select your screams, create a blind test with them and publish it on your website or Facebook page to engage your audience.


5. Candy catcher

If you want to increase the time spent on your channels, launch a catcher game for Halloween! In this addictive game, participants have to catch objects falling from the sky. So for Halloween it could be candies, but watch out you’ll need to avoid the bombs!


6. Sudden death: where would you hide to save your life?

In the same vein as the Halloween escape game we created last year, we have imagined a sudden death quiz where participants need to find the best hiding spot to save their lives. The particularity of a sudden death quiz: participants are excluded from the very first wrong answer. You can then encourage players to come back the day after to try and reach the final question.


7. Video contest: tell us your spookiest stories

Get users to create content for you with a video contest. Encourage them to share their spookiest stories in a video and make your community vote for their favourite one. Offer a prize for the winner and engage your audience by sharing the best videos on your social media channels.


8. Memory: the origins of monsters

Launch a memory game to test the knowledge of the youngest and oldest members of your audience. The theme: the most famous monsters of all time! Participants need to match the monsters with the countries they come from in the quickest time and the fewest clicks possible.


9. Photo contest: pumpkins everywhere

Encourage your audience to reveal their inner chef! Via a photo contest, ask them to create the best recipes with products from your brand. Ideal for making your audience interact with your brand, create original and inspiring content and promote your products.


The best Halloween campaigns from top brands

Want to see what kind of marketing campaigns other brands are creating for Halloween? We selected three campaigns we love. Be inspired!

1. Burger King

“Come as a clown and eat like a king” is the campaign launched by Burger King last year. They offered a free Whopper burger to the first 500 people dressed as a clown to visit a Burger King restaurant (from a selection of restaurants). An excellent opportunity to launch a photo contest of the best clown costume afterwards, to increase even more the brand’s visibility on social media.


2. AS Monaco

The French football club, AS Monaco, launched a 100% winning wheel of fortune. To spin the wheel, participants had to register with their existing AS Monaco credentials or register by creating a new account. So if you want your audience to give you more information about themselves, offer them something in exchange!


3. Vocento

Spain’s biggest media group, Vocento, decided to challenge its visitors with an escape game published on their website. Participants had to escape from an abandoned hospital in less than three minutes. To participate, they also had to register with their existing credentials or create an account. Vocento created this escape game thanks to the instant answer check feature, validating participants’ answers instantly before going to the next question.


Discover the best Halloween campaigns from last year

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