In order to start the back-to-school period off on the right foot, we have compiled our favourite interactive campaigns created by our users in August. Take a look and be inspired to engage your audience, boost your website traffic, get to know your consumers better or attract new leads.

1. PepsiCo: a catcher to engage consumers

How can you increase traffic to your website, attract a larger audience and interact with new people? Craft an exciting experience like PepsiCo did! The company launched a catcher game for its brand Pepsi MAX. The goal of the game? Catch as many Pepsi MAX cans and bottles and avoid black cans to win free Pepsi MAX for a year.


2. Ardennes-Etape: a contest to attract visitors

As a partner of the Velomediane (a 170 kilometres bike ride), Ardennes-Etape launched a special contest for all the cyclists and visitors of the event. Participants just had to scan a QR code present on the booth of Ardennes-Etape to enter the contest. After answering a few questions about Velomediane and Ardennes-Etape, they had to fill out a form with their details and hope to be drawn as the winner. The prize: a €500 gift voucher for a stay in the Ardennes! An excellent campaign to increase visibility and attract new leads during an event.


3. Télé-loisirs: a prediction contest to improve audience loyalty

This year the French TV show Koh-Lanta (France’s version of Survivor) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Télé-loisirs, part of Prisma Media, decided to surf the news and create a prediction campaign. Every week, users will have to guess which candidate will be eliminated from the show and answer a few other questions to try to win an action camera. The show will be even more popular this year with all the heroes from previous seasons reunited. The perfect occasion for Prisma to improve the loyalty of their audience and to get them to return to their channels on a regular basis. Particularity: to play, participants must have a Télé-loisirs account.


4. RTL: a runner to promote their TV series

To promote their new TV series for kids, “Nächst Statioun”, and to engage with their audience, RTL Luxembourg launched an addictive runner game. Participants have to avoid obstacles and catch stars to be among the top 50 and win cuddly toys from Klaus and Mish, the two funny aliens from the series. An always-on campaign, that will be reactivated from time to time when new episodes are released.


5. The Voice Belgium: a video contest to manage registrations

For the first stage of the show’s auditions, The Voice uses a video contest format. The idea is that the competition’s contestants upload a video of their best performance and only those deemed “the best singers” get to perform in front of televised auditions. During several weeks, visitors can scroll through the dedicated gallery and support their favourite candidates by voting once a day.


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