For over two months, the terms “football” and “World Cup” have been dominating the news. More than 1.2 million monthly searches on Google for the word “football” and 165,000 for “World Cup”.


Do you know what that means? That we have plenty of new original campaigns to show you! Here are the best interactive campaigns around the World Cup made by our customers.

1. National Lottery’s memory

The National Lottery created a special Red Devils memory game. The prize? A soccer ball autographed by the players of the Belgian team for the 12 fastest participants.

To make it easier for the participants, the National Lottery connected Qualifio to its own authentication system (SSO or Single Sign-On). Thus, participants who already had an online Lottery Club account only had to enter their email address and password to validate their participation, while others had to create an account to participate A good way to boost the number of Lottery Club accounts!


2. VOO’s football calendar

VOO created a calendar for the whole period of the World Cup. Each day, the calendar reveals a contest, a game, a poll or another interactive campaign. An efficient way to engage its community and encourage users to come back on VOO’s digital channels ?


3. De Morgen’s cumulative quiz

To find THE biggest World Cup expert, the Belgian daily newspaper created a chrono quiz with cumulative points. From the beginning of the tournament, De Morgen proposed to its users to test their football knowledge with 20 questions who were changing every week. To encourage them to play again and increase their score, an email was sent to each participant as soon as the new questions were online. The reward for the participant who had accumulated the most points: the “World Cup expert” title and an LG Smart television.


4. Radio Classique’s quiz

To allow participants to try to win a one week-long stay for 4 people to the sea or mountain, Radio Classique created a quiz based exclusively on the national anthems. Users had to listen to musical extracts and find out which country the anthem belonged to among three propositions.


5. Dr. Oetker’s predictions

For the Red Devils games, Dr. Oetker launched a predictions campaign. Participants had to predict the score of Belgium and its opponent before the start of each match. All participants were winners: a discount coupon or a pizza was offered to everyone, but only the participant who had predicted the exact scores (or the closest) won a Samsung TV!


6. Jupiler’s vote campaign

“Always wanted to be a coach? Select your roster of 11!”. This is the campaign that beer brand Jupiler has proposed to its digital community. For the Belgium-Panama game, users had the opportunity to slip into the shoes of Belgian team’s coach Roberto Martinez and compose their own team, before sharing it on social networks.

jupiler-selection-diables-rouge-qualifio   jupiler-selection-diables-rouge-qualifio