Last month we told you about La Dépêche’s great photo contest. This time, we want to highlight a great campaign made by Guerlain.

The brand has organized a contest around its “Meteorites” product line. The campaigns runs until April 30th and there are several “Meteorites Perfecting Radiance” routines to be won! Winners will be established by drawing lots.

Guerlain's Meteorites Campaign

A very sophisticated design

Guerlain’s campaign benefits from a very advanced look and feel, created by the Studio Qualifio. The game runs on a dedicated website as well as in a custom Facebook tab. What’s more, participants get a personalized screen according to the “score”.

Guerlain's campaign on Facebook

A custom mechanism

In order to give users this personalized experience, the contest consists of several steps:

  • The participant selects her skin tone among the four available shades;
  • Depending on her choice, she is redirected to the related quiz;
  • She has to fill in a form for her participation to be taken into account.

Meteorites participation form

Apart from the obvious (qualitative data acquisition for direct marketing purposes), the aim of this campaign is to provide a personalized experience to customers. But it is also an occasion for the cosmetics brand to educate their audience on the use of the product: the quiz includes a tip that lets the participant know more about the kind of product suitable for her skin tone.

Guerlain Meteorites quiz

An international multichannel contest

The “Meteorites” is an international contest that is managed from Guerlain France. It was first created in English then in French, but the campaign is readily translatable into various languages such as Spanish or German for the other countries.

In the same vein, each country can decide whether to adopt the campaign and select their preferred channel: Facebook or a dedicated website. Obviously, this website is also fully responsive.

Thanks to Qualifio, this campaign is hugely flexible and adaptable to Guerlain’s wants and needs.

Guerlain's responsive campaign