When it comes to inspiration, we like to plan things in advance! This time, it’s the cultural and media events that we wanted to highlight. The entertainment represents a real opportunity in terms of visibility and allows to associate your brand, whatever it is, with a highly viral content, to generate engagement on the web and on social media. Here are examples of interactive marketing campaigns to surf the Cannes Film Festival, the Eurovision Song Contest and music festivals. Here we go for a small dose of inspiration! 🙂


For more than 60 years, Eurovision has been the biggest song competition and undoubtedly the most watched TV entertainment in the world. To avoid missing this “monument” in terms of content and marketing, here are some ideas:

  • A quiz: use this simple, classic and effective interactive format to create a questionnaire about your audience’s general knowledge. Ask questions about the history of the contest, winners, countries, with a chance to win tickets to the show in Portugal!
  • A prediction contest inviting your users to predict the Top 5 or the big winner of the competition. Calculate the score of your participants based on their predictions, add a subsidiary question to decide between them and add a prize related to your industry. Your prediction contest can also be based on the Eurovision semi-final. In this case, your audience would have to predict the countries selected for the grand final in order to win tickets for Lisbon!
  • A blind test to remember the most beautiful songs of Eurovision. Insert musical excerpts into your quiz or contest and ask participants to find their respective performers or countries. For more challenge, you can add a time limit!
  • A memory: in this simple game known to all, participants must match pairs of identical or complementary cards, such as a singer and their country.

And you, how well do you know the Eurovision? Take part in our memory!


Aaaah, Cannes Film Festival… although its raison d’être remains cinema, the event is also an opportunity to see the greatest celebs in haute couture creations and sumptuous dresses. Take this opportunity to highlight the most beautiful outfits of the Festival by offering your users to discover their perfect outfit through a personality test! Invite them to share their results on social media and personalize the sharing message to encourage more people to participate in the test.


The Cannes Film Festival is also an opportunity to revisit the blockbuster movies! Imagine, for example, a “Who said what?quiz based on cult quotes in which users would have to associate the right character with the right quote, or an image-based quiz such as “Which film does this picture belong to?” You can also decide to build on famous soundtracks by proposing a blind test to your audience!

This way for more inspiration for the Cannes Film Festival!


In addition to the Cannes Film Festival and Eurovision, spring also marks the launch of the music festival season, with the Nuits sonores in Lyon, the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona and the Fêtes de la Musique in Belgium.

Run a photo contest in which users can submit their best festival photos. Then invite members of your audience to vote for their favorite and offer festival tickets to the winner.

Photo contest: Best Fest Photos

Just like the French bus network Tadao, go for a rebus game! Tadao invited their audience to guess the words represented by the different images for a chance to win places for the festival “The Enchanters”.



Always to win tickets for concerts, Tadao also created an image-based quiz, in which participants had to find the celebrity matching the description that was given at the beginning of the quiz, all of that in a given time!


If you are in charge of communication for a festival, imagine a calendar campaign to engage your audience and encourage them to come back to your channels. How? Behind each box of the calendar you can hide content that will reveal either the lineup and the artists of your festival, or an interactive game (musical quiz, contest or other format), or another type of content such as a song or video.


To unveil the lineup of a festival, you can also choose a Guess Who? contest in which your audience would have to guess which artist is hiding behind an altered image (fuzzy, pixelated, etc.). As time passes (every day or every week, for example), the picture becomes sharper to make the game easier.