Looking for Christmas Advent calendar ideas to publish online? Then, you’re in the right place! It’s no secret, today’s consumers are picky and expect much more from brands: entertainment, daily rewards and original content are the norm. And this is why Christmas Advent calendars are a huge marketing opportunity. This trendy and viral format will enable you to:

  1. Generate new leads;
  2. Promote your product and boost your sales;
  3. Collect key marketing insights;
  4. Increase your audience engagement and loyalty.

To inspire you, we have compiled the 7 best Christmas Advent calendar ideas that you can customise to fit your brand’s identity. Let’s go!

7 Christmas Advent calendar ideas for all sectors

1. An Advent calendar around music

Let’s start with the Advent calendar from Warner Music Spain, that they promoted on Instagram Stories! To encourage users to return to their channels, the company offered a new surprise every day: games, videos, prize draws and many more. It was also an opportunity for Warner Music to promote their different artists like Ed Sheeran, Beret, Dani Fernández, etc.


2. An Advent calendar to discover new places

Your Advent calendar doesn’t necessarily have to last the entire Christmas period. You can engage your audience for as long as you want. This is what Ardennes-étape, specialised in holiday home rentals in the Belgian Ardennes, did! The company launched a calendar called “10 days of luck before Christmas”, with one contest per day giving away different prizes and vouchers.


3. An Advent calendar around TV series and movies

Like every year, the Dutch TV channel FOX is launching the “FOXMAS“, an Advent calendar published on their website and promoted via social media. The particularity of this one is that each week was dedicated to a different topic:

  1. The drama week
  2. The crime week
  3. The thriller week
  4. The Walking Dead week

Every day, participants had the opportunity to win different box sets of TV series or movie related prizes. FOX also took this opportunity to gather valuable insights by asking the favourite TV genre of all participants on the form. An excellent question to segment their audience and send the right communications to the right people afterwards.


4. A patriotic Advent calendar

The Belgian national railway company, SNCB/NMBS, launched a very patriotic Christmas Advent calendar promoting Belgian companies. Through quizzes, puzzles or “guess the word” games hidden behind every door, SNCB/NMBS gave away nice Belgian-themed prizes and highlighted their different partners and sponsors in an original way.


5. A sporty Advent calendar

Christmas Advent Calendars are also very popular in the sports industry. The French Federation of Football launched its own, full of fun games and prizes and much more. They also took the opportunity to collect newsletter subscribers for them and their partners by adding two opt-ins in their form. Each time a participant played, he needed to fill out the form to validate his participation and hope to be amongst the winners!


In the same vein, the Russian Hockey Club, HC Avangard, also created an Advent calendar of 11 days. Via jackpots, puzzles and many other games, participants had the opportunity to play and try to win different gifts for Christmas.


Psssst! PSG also created their own Christmas Advent calendar a few years ago, check the success story here.

6. An Advent calendar full of discounts and vouchers

With objectives in terms of audience loyalty, engagement and growth, COOP Supermarkten decided to launch a Christmas Advent Calendar with the help of the Amazing Mixed Media Minds agency. Each box revealed a dedicated page with vouchers and discounts to be used in COOP’s stores. The perfect campaign to boost their end-of-year sales!


7. A 100% tech Advent calendar

“25 days of Techmas” is the Christmas Advent calendar created by the electrical retailer Currys PC World. Every day, participants had the opportunity to hit the jackpot to win one of the prizes up for grabs. In addition, if the three images in the machine were not identical, they could fill out a form with their details to have another chance at hitting the jackpot — a nice incentive to encourage participants to leave their data.


As you can see, no matter your industry, the Christmas Advent calendar is the format not to be missed this year! If you need help creating your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Studio team. They’ll be glad to help you make an Advent Calendar tailored to your needs, within 3 weeks ?