With the entry into force of the GDPR, the collection of customer and prospect data is becoming more and more regulated and therefore complex. However, data collection is essential to qualify your audience and better target your ads and other marketing communications. Statistics show indeed that customer retention is 14% higher among companies that invest in big data and analytics.

Data collection can be done in a formal or playful way — once the new GDPR rules are assimilated ? UGC, Kinépolis, Pathé decided to focus on digital animation with interactive campaigns to collect customer data. The goal: get to know their customers better in order to be able to recommend them in a more relevant and personalized way. Here are 4 concrete examples.

1. Vote campaigns to collect customer data

UGC is one of the leading European film companies. It operates hundreds of sites, and is also active in film production and distribution through its subsidiary UGC Images.

The marketing campaign: UGC regularly organises vote campaigns for its digital audience. “Vote for your favourite movies and try to win movie tickets”.


To validate their vote and enter the contest, participants have to fill out a form with their contact info. Below each form, a default data protection text is displayed informing participants of the processing of their personal data.


That way, UGC can collect customer identification data (firstname, last name, email), preferences data (the kind of movie its users like for example), but also subscriptions to its newsletter through an opt-in placed in the registration forms.

“Qualifio helps us to reach our data collection goals, while offering fun and playful formats. The platform also facilitates the work with other partners (OCS, UNIBAIL RODAMCO WESTFIELD, agencies, etc. ), allowing us to collect additional data. The team and technical support are responsive, friendly and very professional.”
Marie Guislain, Marketing Manager @ UGC France


2. An original campaign format to collect customer data

At the forefront of European cinema, Pathé is present in various fields of production (France, UK), distribution (France, UK, Switzerland) and cinemas operation, through its subsidiary Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont (France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium).

The marketing campaign: In the Netherlands, Pathé chose the funny and popular format of Tinder to create a poll. Participants had to “swipe” left for movies they hated and right for movies they liked.

To access the results and discover the most popular movies among users, participants had to give their email address and accept (or not) an opt-in to Pathé’s newsletter. Graphs for each movie were then displayed in the campaign’s end screen.


3. A very attractive contest to collect consumer data

Kinepolis is a major player in the film sector, operating 97 cinemas in Europe and Canada. In addition to its film activity, the group is also active in film distribution, event organisation, on-screen advertising and property management.

The marketing campaign: 1 year of cinema. It’s the prize offered by Kinépolis to the participants in its contest. To try their luck, they had to fill out a form and mention:

  • first name;
  • last name;
  • gender;
  • date of birth;
  • favourite cinema — a good way to know the location of their participant without asking for their exact address;
  • reference number on their movie ticket purchased within the contest period;
  • email address;
  • phone number.


The “language” field could also have been added (convenient in a trilingual country such as Belgium or for a company present in several countries) or the “file uploading” field, which would allow participants to directly attach their cinema ticket, for example.

“The Qualifio platform is used by our marketers in 5 countries and is directly integrated with our CRM system. All the customer data we collect is therefore automatically pushed into our CRM database. The contests are fun, in line with the rest of our marketing campaigns and allow us to increase our number of users.”
Suan Nguyen, Corporate CRM & Digital Marketing Manager @ Kinepolis

To conclude, here are some other campaign examples around cinema:

“Fantastic beasts” memory:

“The Grinch” swiper:

“Gaston Lagaffe” battle: