Looking for creative Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to engage your customers and promote your brand’s products? After an inspiring brainstorming session, our marketing and studio teams have come up with 13 campaign ideas you could launch for Valentine’s Day. Pick the one you prefer or simply be inspired to impress your customers.

Creative Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for lovers

1. Rebus: guess the romantic movies

Whether you’re working in the entertainment sector or not, your customers will love this campaign! Select the most popular romantic movies and create a rebus from them by using emojis, GIFs, pictures or even videos. Then, challenge your customers to find the movie hidden behind the rebus.

Want to see what this campaign would look like in real life? Try it now ⬇

2. Video contest: couple pranks

You’ve probably all seen these couples pranking each other on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Surf on this trend by creating a video contest of the best couple pranks. Ask web users to upload their video and vote for their favourite one.

Video or photo contests (known as user-generated content) are all about the users creating content for free. They do it either because they want to share their experience, to win something, or simply to gain exposure. In any case, it’s all positive for you because they take care of promoting your brand.


3. Hidden object: who’s getting married?

The hidden object game is very appreciated within our team. It’s easy to set up and you can turn it the way you want. For example, you can hide a gift (among your products or those of your partners) in a picture and ask participants to find it to win it or like in the “Where’s Wally?” game, you can ask them to find a person, a moment, anything.

In our case, we’ve hidden someone who is about to propose and participants need to find him.


4. Memory: who’s with whom?

The memory game is ideal for showcasing your products. Web users must find pairs of identical or complementary cards presented face down. In the Valentine’s Day version below, users have to find pairs of couples from actors, singers or other public figures.


Creative Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for singles

1. Wheel of fortune: which zodiac sign will you fall in love with?

The wheel of fortune is a fun and trendy format, perfect to spoil your customers with attractive prizes, as they discover immediately if they have won something or not.

In the example below, we used the format for a pure engagement campaign. Web users need to spin the wheel to find out which zodiac sign they’ll fall in love with. You can use the exit screen to give a bit more information about zodiac sign compatibility, success guaranteed!


2. Writing contest: the worst date ever

This time, encourage web users to generate content for your brand by sharing their worst date experience. Make your community vote for their favourite story and offer the winner a date with the person of their choice they’ll remember!


3. Swiper: things to remember for a date

Create a list of the most important things to remember for a date and integrate them in a swiper poll. Ask web users which one they consider as a must have for a date or not, by swiping left or right. Based on the participants’ answers, offer a date survival kit with products from your brand or those of your partners.


4. Battle: the worst red flags on a guy’s dating profile

The battle is the easiest way to make web users interact with your brand and collect valuable insights. Create a battle of your products or a battle around more funny and light topics like the one we’re proposing here: the worst red flags on a guy’s dating profile.


Creative Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for both

1. Guess the word: 4 pics 1 word

Participants have to guess one or more word(s) (name, product, brand, etc.) by finding the letters that make this word up, all while trying to minimise their number of attempts. This is the ideal format to introduce your latest range of products!


2. Poll: the best music for a date or a romantic evening

Enhance your content by involving your web users! We have imagined a poll: what is the best music for a date or a romantic evening? Make your community vote and offer an attractive prize based on the votes you get.


Creative Valentine’s Day marketing ideas from our customers

1. Armani

For the launch of their two new fragrances “Stronger With You for Him” and “In Love With You for Her”, Giorgio Armani decided to give away free duo samples. To order their samples, consumers only had to enter their contact details in a form in which an opt-in for Armani’s newsletter was also proposed. Once all the samples had been distributed, consumers still had the possibility to subscribe to the brand’s newsletter to stay informed about their next offers — an original way to continue growing their database even after the campaign finished.


2. Le Slip Français

For its new collection celebrating love, made in collaboration with the illustrator Quentin Monge, Le Slip Français launched a puzzle, available online during the whole month of February. Participants had to rebuild the puzzle in less than a minute for a chance to win the product of their choice from the new collection.

Download Le Slip Français’ success story →


3. Femme Actuelle

The French magazine, Femme Actuelle, created a personality test sponsored by Philips allowing readers to discover the kind of lover they are and win a coffee machine. To validate their participation, they had to enter their contact details in a form in which an opt-in for Philips’ newsletter was proposed. An interactive personality test with a data collection form and an attractive prize is definitely a good way to collect opt-ins for an advertiser and segment its audience ?


There you go: 13 creative Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to impress your audience. If you’re looking for other ideas, have a look at our creative campaign ideas of last year. Want to create one of these campaigns quickly and easily? Contact us now and let’s see what we can do for you depending on your objectives.

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