December was the month of digital advent calendars, but not only! Brands and media groups have launched different kinds of interactions during the holidays to engage their audiences and get to know them better. Here is a little preview of the interactive marketing campaigns that caught our attention in December.

1. FOX TV’s Advent calendar

During the whole month of December, the Dutch TV channel FOX launched the Advent calendar “FOXMAS” on its website and promoted it on its social networks. Every day, Internet users had the opportunity to enter a jackpot and try to win different gifts. The only condition for playing: participants had to communicate their favourite TV genres and their current TV provider. A great way to segment your audience and be able to send the right communications to the right people afterwards.

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2 National Lottery’s prediction

Start 2020 with €2020!” was the campaign launched by Belgium’s National Lottery to its customers. To enter the contest, players had to:

  1. Register with the email address of their e-lotto account or create an account. An excellent way to increase the number of accounts created;
  2. Answer the main and the subsidiary questions;
  3. Play for a minimum of €20 at SCOOORE!on e-lotto.


Cherry on top: the National Lottery also collected subscribers to its newsletter via an opt-in proposed to its participants when they registered to the contest.

3. Èggo Kitchen’s jackpot

For two weeks, Èggo Kitchen offered its Internet users the chance to win one of the many gifts from Santa’s hood. After filling out a form with their contact details, players had to hit the jackpot. If they didn’t manage to get the right combination, they could try their luck again the next day. At the end of the contest, a call-to-action invited participants to follow Èggo on Facebook.


4. Herta’s couponing campaign

To promote its new range of chicken and pork shreds, Herta decided to offer a €1 discount to its consumers. To benefit from the discount, they only had to fill out a form with their contact details. They could also discover on this page different recipes based on Herta products.


5. The Decibels Music Award and TF1 votes

Voting campaigns are very popular at the end of the year! TF1 decided to launch one, based on the best Christmas videos. Participants could vote for their favourite video and, if they wished, take part in a contest to win tickets for the Phénix circus as well as an almanack signed by the French TV presenter Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The campaign published on the LCI website was also promoted live by Jean-Pierre Pernaut.


Finally, for the Décibels Music Award, RTBF* also launched a voting campaign on a dedicated mini-site, inviting Internet users to support their favourite 2019 album, artist or group. Before validating their vote, they were offered an opt-in for RTBF newsletter.

*Belgian Radio Television Broadcasting of the French Community of Belgium


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