Qualifio users were very creative during this summer. This is why we want to share with everyone the best campaigns they have made these last months. These campaigns are both visually appealing and interesting in terms of data collection or audience engagement.

1. Volkswagen’s musical quiz

This campaign made by Volkswagen this summer is a great design success. And even if the concept is rather simple, nonetheless it is very effective. The goal is to make the participants guess singers’ names or music bands thanks to car pictures! This is what Volkswagen and their creative agency DDB called “The mute musical quiz”.

How to do it in Qualifio: This Qualifio campaign is a smart way of using the quiz format. All you have to do is create a question “Memo field text matching feature” and illustrate it with an image. Don’t forget to define your “Reference text”, which corresponds to the expected answer. That way, the participant will know whether they typed the correct answer right away!

2. Coop’s pastry contest

This colourful campaign is going to make you hungry. The concept is simple: all you have to do is to publish a picture of your best handmade pastry, and then if you are selected, you win a prize. What did we like in this campaign? The well-designed universe of the campaign that make you dive in the contest instantly. 

How to do it in Qualifio: This campaign is easy to create. You have to choose “Photo contest” when selecting the campaign type, then follow the instructions.

3. Solidaris’ quiz

For their platform “Prenons Soin de Nous” (or “Let’s take care of ourselves” in English), Solidaris created this clean and minimalist campaign, which turns out to be very effective. Why? It’s not just a simple Yes/No quiz as it looks. Participants can get a clear explanation of why an answer is right or wrong and have access to a “More info” link if they want to master a particular question.

We also want to highlight the use of social buttons (Facebook & Twitter) in the top-left corner to incentivize shares and virality of the campaign!

How to do it in Qualifio: This is a “Quiz” campaign in Qualifio Manager. Then, activate the option to get the right answer indicator in the “Questions” step in order to display the right answer right away 😉

4. Exki’s web-to-store campaign


What we liked most in this campaign is its simplicity. You cannot miss the message. A small form to fill in (auto-fill may be enabled with Facebook Connect) and you recieve in you email box your voucher for a free coffee. An easy & effective way to drive your online trafic to your store!

How to do it in Qualifio: Create an identification form campaign and use the email sending feature that you can activate in the exit screen step of the campaign. It’s as easy as that!

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