What is web-to-store? It refers to all marketing actions carried out on the web that aim to bring the consumer to the physical point of sale. An opportunity for brands to generate revenue through new digital tools. On the other hand, store-to-web aims to bring the consumer to digital media.

What is e-couponing? It is a mechanism that aims to promote a product or a brand using dematerialized discount coupons (e-coupons), to be used online or printed.

E-couponing offers considerable advantages for both consumers and brands. Focus on the main advantages of using e-couponing in your web-to-store strategy.

N.B. The majority of the figures presented in this article are based on the study conducted by Madame Benchmark based on data from Sogec and Highco Data.

E-couponing as an acquisition lever

One of the first benefits of e-couponing is the acquisition of new customers.

e-couponing-web-to-store-strategy-acquisitionTake advantage of the arrival of a new product, a change of season or a special event to create a couponing campaign. The closer the coupon is to your product and business, the higher its use will be.

E-couponing: an agile, traceable and ROI-oriented mechanism

The advantage of an e-couponing campaign is that it allows you to access a complete and detailed reporting. It generates marketing results that can be measured. You can know the number of coupons distributed, the number of downloads and the number of people who used it in stores or online and, as a result, the number of sales generated.

The personal e-coupon also allows you to identify buyers and build a qualified database that can then be used to personalize your coupons and build customer loyalty. Which brings us to the next point…

E-couponing as a loyalty lever

E-couponing is an excellent way to build brand loyalty. Offering coupons throughout the year encourages consumers to come back to the store.

e-couponing-web-to-store-strategy-loyaltyYou can also use the e-coupon to send discounts consistent with your customers’ interests or on their birthdays, directly impacting the returns on investment of your campaigns.

E-couponing to generate in-store traffic

The coupon remains a fatal weapon to generate traffic and increase your in-store sales. A study by BVA (2016) shows that 89% of French people primarily seek information on the web, but 64% of them prefer to go to the store before making their purchase. Concerning the use of coupons in physical stores, more than half of French consumers (54%) look for discount coupons online and then buy in stores.

In a study conducted by the FEVAD (French Federation of E-Commerce and Online Sales), 40% of respondents who adopted a web-to-store strategy saw their in-store traffic increased by 29%.



Find out how Nestlé encouraged its consumers to come to the store with its couponing campaign for Purina Dentalife.



How to gain visibility with your e-couponing campaign?

Today, the share of digital in the coupons issued is 27%. It is also the first channel for distributing discount coupons (17.4%) in front of the coupons offered at the cash register (13.5%). This is an important lever for brands that are increasingly trying to create sites and content for their consumers,” says Elisabeth Cony, Director of Madame Benchmark.

E-couponing offers a multitude of possible actions, especially when it is at the heart of a multi-channel strategy: social networks, emailing, SMS, website, etc.


Contests are also an excellent way to promote an e-couponing campaign. They require the active participation of customers or prospects and stimulate their commitment by rewarding their collaboration. With the Qualifio platform, you can quickly create fun competitions (quizzes, personality tests, battles, puzzles, memory, etc.) and reward your participants by easily integrating Sogec or Highco Data e-coupons. An effective lever to boost the number of entries in your competitions.

Use Sogec and Highco Data discount coupons in your interactive marketing campaigns

Users of the Qualifio platform already had the possibility to integrate Highco Data e-coupons at the end of their competition. From now on, they can also use Sogec e-coupons! This brand new integration allows them to send discount coupons by email to participants in their contests. Discover step by step how to integrate Sogec discount coupons into a Qualifio campaign.

Integrated into a global strategy, e-couponing is a lever to generate traffic in stores, acquire new customers and ultimately increase your revenues. More than ever, brands are developing their digital communication and working on their online visibility without neglecting their physical presence, one complementing the other. It’s up to you to take advantage of this very powerful tool that is the e-coupon now!