During this session, our Customer Care Manager, Leon Termote, explained how to use the Qualifio platform and its interactive formats for sponsoring purposes. In this article, you’ll discover how to sell sponsored campaigns to your advertisers with Qualifio as well as examples of effective co-branded campaigns.

? If you prefer to watch the webinar replay, it’s right here.

Why sponsored campaigns?

“Don’t ask for cash from sponsors, imagine what they want.”
Matt Prior, Cricketer

With the fast-approaching end of third-party cookies, GDPR, and other privacy laws, we know the real challenge of 2022 is all about collecting data to better understand your customers and prospects.

Luckily for you, Qualifio is THE platform that enables you to collect first- and zero-party data for your brand, but also for your advertisers thanks to interactive campaigns (contests, quizzes, tests, games, etc.). Selling these interactive campaigns to your sponsors has many advantages. So what makes sponsored campaigns interesting for you?

  • By offering innovative advertising formats, you’ll increase your advertising revenues;
  • You’ll engage your community with an attractive prize from your sponsor’s products;
  • You’ll grow your community by collecting newsletter opt-ins;
  • You’ll be reaching an audience outside of your existing community;
  • You’ll capture the attention of customers and prospects;
  • You’ll multiply your publication channels;
  • You might even go viral!

Examples of effective sponsored campaigns

1. ELLE & L’Oréal personality test

“What Parisian are you?” is the name of the personality test created by the women’s lifestyle magazine ELLE in collaboration with L’Oréal. Via this test, participants could try to win nail polish from the brand L’Oréal. In total, ELLE managed to get an opt-in rate of 53% and 49% for L’Oréal.


2. Expressen & Amazon Prime personality test

For their advertiser Amazon Prime, the Swedish newspaper Expressen created a personality test enabling users to find their new favourite series. After answering a few questions, participants discovered the series that matched their answers and a dedicated promotional offer to benefit from 30 free days of Amazon Prime.

? If you’re interested, head over to this FAQ to discover how to make a personality test.


3. RTL-TVI & Cewe puzzle

The Belgian TV channel RTL-TVI decided to offer its community the chance to immortalise their summer memories. In collaboration with Cewe, specialised in printing and framing pictures, the channel was giving away a gift card of €250. To take part in the contest, participants had to rebuild a puzzle as fast as possible. RTL-TVI used their SSO connection to enable their community to use their existing credentials to take part in the contest.


4. TV3 sport & Suzuki prediction

For the Australian Grand Prix, the Swedish TV channel TV3 sport created a predictions contest that they published on their Facebook page. Participants had to guess the winner of the Grand Prix, predict if a particular driver or car would end up in the top 5, etc. The prize? A Suzuki Swift Sport!

You can learn more about this campaign right here!

“We were already planning to do a campaign around F1 races, but we wanted to offer a bigger prize. So we looked for a partner to collaborate with and we found Suzuki. The Qualifio platform allowed us to make an elegant and professional campaign, matching our partner’s graphical chart. We easily added an opt-in for our newsletter in the form, and we quickly adapted our campaign for each F1 race. A real time-saving!”
Janni Storm, Digital Coordinator @ TV3 SPORT


Examples of effective co-branded campaigns

1. RATP & Disneyland Paris contest

The French Public transport company RATP and Disneyland Paris launched a contest giving participants the chance to win free entry tickets for Disneyland Paris.
To increase the contest’s visibility, they promoted it via RATP’s website and social media and in metro stations via QR codes displayed everywhere, enabling passengers to enter the contest quickly and easily.


2. Orange & Xiaomi hidden object

Orange teamed up with the Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi to increase its visibility and sales. Participants had to find Xiaomi’s logo on a picture to try to win their latest phone. The results for this campaign were impressive in terms of participations, with over than 66,000 page views.


3. LOSC & Boulanger shell game

On Friday the 13th, the -French football club LOSC decided to offer one of their fans a jersey in the team’s colours, and with their sponsor’s logo, worth €80. To take part in the draw, fans had to guess behind which cup the ball was hidden and validate their participation by filling out a form with their contact details. A fun and easy game to set up!

Want to discover more about LOSC’s digital strategy? Read their success story.


4. Dr. Oetker & Netflix runner game

For back-to-school, Dr. Oetker decided to create a runner game! The company challenged its audience to catch as many pizzas as possible for a chance to win a year’s subscription to Netflix but also free pizzas for one year and discount vouchers. It is a fun and engaging game, ideal for increasing the time spent on their channels.

Do you want to build your own runner game? Contact our Studio team now.


If you need more examples of effective sponsored campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to provide you with relevant examples for your brand and objectives. And if you want to download the presentation slides or watch the webinar replay, it’s right here!

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