Our customers often ask us which interactive formats they should use to meet their goals: engagement, conversion, segmentation, loyalty, etc. To help them choose the right format according to their objectives, we decided to write a series of articles highlighting our different formats with some concrete customer cases. Because at Qualifio, we see how well-built interactive campaigns can give you a competitive advantage, draw more attention and get a higher return on marketing efforts.

Did you know that interactive content generates 2x more conversions than static content? But, do you also know which format to use to drive even more conversion in your campaign?

This is precisely what we will cover in this first article. Discover the formats that will help you to convert your anonymous visitors into identified prospects or customers and increase your conversion rate. Generally speaking, you’ll see that instant win formats are higher converters, precisely when you know that 48% of people agreed to register and give their data in exchange for coupons, rewards, loyalty points. But you’ll also see we’ve plenty of other formats that will help you to increase conversions when they are properly used.

1. Jackpot

This type of interactive format features a slot machine that is automatically activated and stopped. Much like in a classic instant win, participants immediately know if they have won or lost, depending on whether the three images in the machine are identical or not.

Tip to convert: offer free samples or trials to winners to enable them to try your product or service. You can also offer unique codes or discount coupons to encourage potential customers to buy your product or sign up for your service.

Campaign example: for Halloween, the Swiss leader in online supermarkets Le Shop launched a jackpot giving away vouchers of €10, €100 and €200. In total, the campaign attracted 23K participants in 10 days. This campaign encouraged people to make the first purchase, and Le Shop also noticed an increase in the average basket size.


2. Gift guide

The gift guide enables you to generate product recommendations and display customised offers based on the participant’s answers about the personality, interests and requirements of the gift recipient. By helping participants to save time on their research, you decrease the bounce rate on your pages.

Tip to convert: highlight best matches and add clear call-to-action buttons to allow users to end the test with a purchase on your online store.

Campaign example: to help its consumers prepare their sports bag for back-to-school, the French sporting goods retailer Decathlon created 12 shopping guides. Each of the guides was dedicated to a particular sport (football, hockey, basketball, dance, etc.) and included the essential items to have. Consumers were asked to check the sports items they did not yet have. Based on their answers, Decathlon displayed a link directing consumers to the right page on its eCommerce website to have the opportunity to make their purchases. The result? The average conversion rate for guides is 2.7% compared with 1.22% on a standard landing page.

Want to discover how Decathlon uses interactive content in its marketing strategy, from engagement to customer conversion? Check the whole success story here.


3. Pop-up

With promotional pop-ups, invite your website visitors to participate in your contest, discover your new collection, buy from an ongoing sale, subscribe to your newsletter, create an account, etc. Customise the pop-up as you wish, add an exciting headline, be direct on the value you’re delivering and the trick is done.

Tip to convert: give your visitors a clear call-to-action and display the pop-up on the appropriate page(s) of your website. The message should be relevant to the page the visitor is on.

Campaign example: Kek Mama, DPG’s lifestyle magazine for mothers, decided to boost its paid subscriptions with a special offer: a magazine subscription with a beauty box for a unique prize. To promote its offer, the magazine launched a promotional pop-up on its homepage. The pop-up generated four million views and 100,000 clicks, with an average CTR of 2,5%.


4. Discount coupons and unique codes

With Qualifio, you can either import or generate unique coupon codes for gifts or discounts. Discount coupons or unique codes work with any interactive format and are powerful ways to attract and convert new online customers. You can make them downloadable immediately at the end of your campaign or send them via email.

Tip to convert: offer discount coupons and unique codes related to your product or service to enable potential customers to try your products and buy or sign up for it.

Campaign example: Nestlé decided to promote its water bottles “pure life” for kids by giving away HighCo Data eCoupons integrated into a Qualifio campaign. To benefit from it and receive a free branded bottle, consumers had to fill out a form with their contact details in which an opt-in for Nestlé’s newsletter was presented. eCoupons were sent directly via email and 92% of visitors on the page filled out the form. Generally speaking, eCoupons achieve a higher redemption rate (20%) than paper coupons (1%).


5. Swiper

With the swiper, participants have to “swipe” left or right to answer your questions. You can use this engaging format to create your quiz, survey or personality test and know your audience’s opinions and preferences. Although the main objective of this format is to increase engagement, some of our customers also use it to increase their conversion rate.

Tip to convert: use interactive content to get data and use data to get customers. This format is a great way to gather valuable information. Once you’ve got your customers’ opinions, you can take advantage of it for your next marketing actions and increase your conversion rate.

Campaign example: the retailer Delhaize decided to give a voice to its consumers through a swiper campaign. The retailer wanted to enable consumers to choose the next products that would be on promotion on its eShop to increase its conversion rate. Users had to swipe right for their favourite products and left for the products they liked less. The campaign was promoted offline via posters and online via email and Facebook.


6. Wheel of fortune

With the wheel of fortune, set your prizes and let participants spin the wheel to find out if they’ve won. A fun and easy format to entertain your audience, promote your products or highlight one of your sponsors.

Tip to convert: like for the jackpot, offer free samples or trials to winners to enable them to try your product or service. You can also offer unique codes or discount coupons to encourage potential customers to buy your product or sign up for your service.


We’ve highlighted here the main formats that will help you to increase conversions. But, of course, among the 50+ interactive formats we have on our catalogue, you’ll find plenty of other original ideas to help you achieve your conversion goal.

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