New: Discover our ideas for Easter 2021

Have you planned your campaigns for Easter & Spring yet?

Both will be here before you know it! But no worries, you still have time to create your marketing campaigns and spice up the content of your online channels.

Easter is an opportune time for you to get creative. Use the season to promote your products, engage your digital audiences, hook your customers back to your brand and also collect data!

The question is: are you up for it? If you don’t have any idea where to start, take a look at our 11 ideas below and be ready to steal the show!

Our Easter inspiration

1. Collect data with instant wins

Instant wins are useful to boost your audience engagement exponentially. But they are also useful to collect data and newsletter signups! Players are invited to spin the wheel, click a button or start a jackpot to find out instantly if they have won a prize. Before entering the game, they have to fill out a form with their contact details in case they won and, in the same time, you can ask them to sign up for your company’s newsletter by adding an opt-in in your form.


2. Bring traffic in-store 

The well-known supermarket Coop launched a memory campaign in the Netherlands for a chance to win a minute of free shopping or a gift cards worth €25. An excellent way to drive its web users to its stores ? Participants were challenged to find all matching pairs of cards in the lowest time, and fewest clicks possible. To validate their participation, they had to fill out a form with their contact details and were also asked (not required) to sign up for Coop’s newsletter.


3. Bring customers online

Organise a huge egg hunt in your store! How? Generate unique codes, print them on chocolate eggs and hide them in your store. Then, invite your customers to find the eggs and enter their unique code to access your online campaign.


Another idea to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds is to organise a photo contest with your egg hunt. Ask your customers to take a picture with the eggs they find and to post it to your online gallery. Offer a prize to the person with the highest number of likes on their photo.

If you don’t want to organise an egg hunt to bring your customers online, you can also distribute your codes during an event, by email or directly on your product when they buy it, like Dr. Oetker did with its pizzas.

4. Engage users with a game

You can use different game mechanics to engage your audiences with interactivity.

For example, display a picture for several minutes to your users and ask them after a question about this picture. Or ask them to rebuild a puzzle as fast as they can, to be able to answer an ultimate question. Try our two live campaigns?

5. Inspire users with Easter dinner recipes

Beyond colourful hard-boiled eggs, there are many other Easter meals that we can enjoy. Inspire your users by giving them Easter dinner recipes ideas! Use one of our photo galleries to display recipes originally. You’ll get an interactive catalogue where people will be able to vote for their favourite recipe, check the ingredients they need and even download it.


6. Encourage user-generated content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is defined as any content related to a brand that has been created by unpaid contributors. For Easter this year, invite your audience to let their creativity speak! Create a photo contest and ask your users to share a photo of their most beautiful egg. Encourage them to collect the most votes to try to win a special prize, related to your business. An original way to increase the number of shares and raise awareness around your brand thanks to user-generated content.


Our Spring inspiration

1. Offer discount coupons 

Beyond the Spring blossom, the season is also a time for big cleaning and fresh starts. Propose your audience a playful swiper in which they would have to select their favourite spring decorations. You’ll collect useful insights about your audience preferences that you can use in your next marketing actions. In exchange, offer your audience an opportunity to win coupons and decorate their interior.


Tip: thanks to HighCo DATA you can easily integrate your personalised e-coupons into your interactive marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can also know exactly how many people opened and printed your coupon.

2. Promote your new Spring collection

Interactively reveal your new Spring collection! Create a personality test and invite your visitors to discover their Spring look. Ask them some questions about their preferences and build them a personalised look based on your new collection. Offer a discount to participants for your new collection or redirect them directly to your eCommerce website to get to know the rest of the collection.


3. Help your users with a seed sowing calendar

Calendars aren’t only for Christmas! Imagine a Lent calendar, a 10-day detox calendar, a Spring cleaning calendar or a seed sowing calendar.



Each day reveals a new surprise. This can be a discount, a unique code, a video, exclusive content, a game, a contest… anything to delight your audience. Take advantage of the exit screen to redirect your participants to your online store or website.

4. And a last Spring game for the road

It’s your turn to play!


Are you a Qualifio user? Here is how to create this kind of campaign: select the quiz format and create a simple question. Then, insert a piece of your image in each of the answers. Select the winning piece and display a personalised message in the exit screen. Go to the advanced settings of your campaign to customise the look and feel of your campaign. ?

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