Do you work in the entertainment sector and are you looking for marketing campaign ideas to engage your customers and attract new ones? Then, you’re in the right place! Be inspired by original campaigns launched by big brands such as Warner Music, UGC, Disneyland or Pathé cinemas.

Offer engaging content like Warner Music

What is the best way to promote a famous artist’s new song? Well, for Warner Music Spain, it’s with a wheel of fortune! For the release of Sergio Contreras’ song “Poses”, the company offered their audience the opportunity to win different prizes (speakers, t-shirts, a meeting with Sergio, etc.). Participants first had to fill out a form with their first name, last name, and email address to spin the wheel. Warner Music also added an opt-in to their newsletter on the form. The perfect opportunity to get more subscribers.

favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-july-warnerThe company also showed creativity to promote the music group Sinsinati. Together, they launched a “karaoke” campaign inviting participants to sing one of the group’s songs in an acoustic version and to record themselves. The prize? The opportunity for 6 participants to appear in the video clip for the song!


Highlight your partners like UGC

While waiting for the cinemas to reopen, UGC France demonstrated creativity to highlight their different partners and maintain a dialogue with their online audience. The cinema chain launched five campaigns and gave their audience five good resolutions to adopt.

#1 Make yourself feel beautiful
#2 Go on an adventure
#3 Treat Yourself
#4 Get involved in a sporting challenge
#5 Go to cinemas

Each campaign promoted a different partner, offered a specific prize and used a different mechanic (jackpot, memory, guess the word, etc.).


Increase your brand visibility like Disneyland

Disneyland Paris collaborated with the French Public transport company RATP to celebrate the reopening of the amusement park. Together, they launched a contest giving participants the chance to win free entry tickets for Disneyland Paris.

To increase the contest’s visibility, they promoted it via RATP’s website and social media and in metro stations via QR codes displayed everywhere, enabling passengers to enter the contest quickly and easily. In addition, participants were allowed to enter the contest once a day to increase their chances of winning!

Promote your products like National Lottery

Who wouldn’t want to start the year by winning some money? So last year,Belgium’s National Lottery allowed their users to start 2020 with €2020! To enter the contest, players had to:

  1. Register with the email address of their e-lotto account or create an account — an excellent way to increase the number of accounts created;
  2. Answer the main question and a subsidiary one;
  3. Play for a minimum of €20 at SCOOORE! on e-lotto — an excellent way to boost end of year sales ?

The cherry on the cake? They also collected new subscribers to their newsletter via an opt-in proposed to its participants when they registered for the contest.

Be original like VUE cinemas

If you want to know more about your consumers’ preferences and be aligned with their expectations, ask them directly! VUE cinemas launched a survey asking consumers to vote for their three favourite snacks. Participants were invited to share the campaign on social media to hope to have their favourite snack(s) available in all VUE cinemas.

The Dutch cinema chain also had another great idea to keep their customers engaged: an escape game. The aim of the game? Help VUE to open the doors of its cinemas in less than 5 minutes. For example, participants had to find the three items to make popcorn or name the ten movies shown in a picture.

Boost your website traffic like OCS

The television network OCS offered an original digital experience to its audience for the 10th anniversary of “Game of Thrones”. They built a centralised page for the occasion, and participants could play memory, swiper and “guess who?” games for a chance to win exclusive prizes — an original campaign to engage their community and increase their website traffic.


Retain your existing customers like Pathé

How to retain and engage your existing online community? Well, the cinema chain Pathé Netherlands, decided to include three little games in their newsletter:

  1. The emoji quiz: participants have to guess the movies based on emojis, like a riddle.
  2. The kids’ quiz: participants have to prove how well they know children’s movies.
  3. The movie quiz: participants have to guess the missing word from famous movie quotes.

No time to be bored with Pathé!

Surf on the news like NGroup

Following the broadcast of the Harry Potter films by the French TV channel TF1 during the first lockdown, the radio NRJ, part of NGroup, took the opportunity to create quizzes around the saga. Before each film is broadcast, users could test their knowledge and challenge their friends. The lockdown context, the Harry Potter subject and NRJ’s young audience made these quizzes a success with more than 670,000 participations! Discover the entire success story of NGroup, right here.


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