December announces the arrival of Christmas, end-of-year celebrations, but also digital Advent calendars!

Apart from the fact that the calendar is published online (on a website, a Facebook page, a mobile app…), the idea is the same: each day reveals a new surprise. This can be a discount, a unique code, a video, exclusive content, a game, a contest… anything to delight the audience.

This year, the Qualifio Studio has once again outdone itself. Our team has helped some of our users to create beautiful Advent calendars based on their own graphic design and briefing. To provide you with some inspiration, we pulled together 6 examples of companies marketing with Advent calendars this Christmas.

Did you know? Our Studio helps you with the design of your campaigns if you do not have the necessary resources internally. For more info, contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

1. Viktor & Rolf’s beauty calendar

Viktor & Rolf requested the help of our Studio team to create an Advent calendar. The campaign was published on the brand’s British website to engage visitors during the holidays.

Each day unlocks a new prize to win: cosmetics or perfumes. Behind each door hides an instant win. After having entered their contact details in a form, participants immediately find out if they have won …or not!


2. Nina’s festive countdown (De Persgroep)

Our team has created an Advent calendar for the women’s magazine Nina and published it on a dedicated mini-website. Here, the mechanics chosen are those of the contest. Participants must correctly answer two questions in an attempt to win the prize.

Pro Tip: To enhance the user experience, the magazine has integrated its own authentication system (Single Sign-On) to the Qualifio platform. Users who want to enter the contest can do so directly with their existing Nina credentials or they must create a Nina account.

3. Steigenberger Wiltcher’s fancy calendar

With the help of our Studio, the luxury hotel Steigenberger Wiltcher’s has also opted for an Advent calendar. The Brussels hotel has published the calendar on its Facebook page, in French and Dutch, to boost engagement on the social network. It has also promoted the campaign via its newsletter.

Throughout December, users discover a new fun interaction every day: a contest, a battle, a puzzle to rebuild, a memory, a personality test… The winners of each contest are drawn directly in the Qualifio platform.


4. UGC’s calendar: Christmas balls

Cinema operator UGC France asked for the help of our Studio team to design its Advent calendar, which they published on their website and on a minisite dedicated to this action. Just like the Steigenberger Hotel, UGC has also decided to try different game mechanics. Behind every Christmas ball, users can discover a swiper, a jackpot, a “Guess the word” game, a puzzle, etc.

At the end of any daily campaign, participants must enter their personal details to validate their participation. Winners are then drawn.



Finally, here are two more examples of Advent calendars created by our users:

5. Paris Saint-Germain’s football calendar

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) strikes again with its Advent calendar! Entirely created and personalised by its own digital team, the calendar includes 24 surprises at the colors of the club or its partners. Users can try their luck every day, with only one entry per day, and the winners are chosen via a draw.

Just like Nina Magazine, PSG also used its own unique sign-on system. Users wishing to participate in the draw can enter either by using their existing PSG credentials or by creating a PSG account. A good way to develop, reward and retain your community.


6. Uni-Médias’ prize Advent calendar

With its Parents magazine, Uni-medias has also published an Advent calendar on a dedicated minisite to drive engagement amongst young parents. The magazine partnered with various businesses to bring a different prize every day such as baby carriers or night lights. Participants must complete a form and answer questions such as the number of children they have, their age, etc. The winners are then drawn.


In the age of content marketing and interactivity, the Advent calendar has become a formidable and viral marketing tool.

  • Launch your own branded Advent Calendar that includes your visual identity;
  • Add your content behind each door: games, discounts, prize draws, videos, etc.
  • Promote your products and those of your partners;
  • Increase engagement through repeat audience visitation thanks to a new fun experience every day!

Much more than a Christmas format. Most Advent calendars are 24 or 25 days long, but with Qualifio you do not have to create 24 doors. This flexibility offers a truly exciting way to hold your audience in suspense for any type of event throughout the year: sports competition, corporate events, festivals, etc.

For more ideas, inspiration and examples on how to use interactive campaigns to drive engagement and consistent data collection during the holidays, check our Christmas blog post.