Father’s Day is only a few weeks away! So it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll engage your community for this special occasion. Don’t have any ideas? Looking for THE idea that will make your brand stand out from the crowd? Then, we’ve got what you need: 12 original campaign ideas we’ve selected just for you. So let’s go for our Father’s Day inspiration.

Father’s Day inspiration: 9 campaign ideas

1. Shell game – The bearded father

All cool dads have a beard they want to maintain! So we’ve come up with a shell game where participants have to guess which razor the daddy should use to have a perfect beard. Be careful not to get it wrong, otherwise dad might get a nasty surprise when he sees himself in the mirror…

You can use this type of campaign to highlight one of your products and offer branded gift vouchers to encourage your audience to participate.

fathers-day-inspiration-shell-game  fathers-day-inspiration-shell-game-exit  

2. Writing contest – Best dad jokes

Even if dad jokes aren’t always the best, they still manage to make us laugh! Launch a writing contest and ask your users to share their best dad joke, everyone knows at least one. Then, allow your online community to vote for their favourite one(s) and reward the best dad joke. Success guaranteed!


3. Photo contest – Chefs at home

Time for the fathers in your community to get their aprons and chef’s hats out! Indeed, in the campaign idea below, we wanted to challenge dads and their children to put themselves in the shoes of a chef and revisit their favourite dessert like on MasterChef. The goal is simple: via a photo contest, they have to post a picture of their revisited dessert and get the most votes for their creation to win a special prize.

For an additional challenge, you could also ask them to make the dessert only with your products 😉


4. Quiz – Who said it?

Celebrate dads on TV for Father’s Day with this “Who said it” quiz! No worries, it’s not a highly complex quiz to set up. Instead, you’ll just need iconic TV characters, fun and well-thought-out quotes, multimedia clues (images, videos, sounds) to make it easier for your users, and that’s it, you’re done!


5. Battle – Dad VS son

Whether they’re known for starring in a cult movie or singing the year’s greatest hits, famous fathers make us dream with their charming smiles. But some of them have to worry about their sons because whether they’re their spitting image or alter ego, they make us all fall in love.

Engage your audience in a playful way by organising a dad and son battle! Ask your audience to choose who is the hottest between two entries and display graphs with a ranking of the most popular entries 😊


6. Escape game – Test time!

Let’s face it: not many kids are happy doing their homework. But it’s always a lot easier when dad is there to help them. That’s why we decided to create an escape game to test dads’ general knowledge. The aim of the game is simple: answer three questions correctly in less than 30 seconds, but beware, if you give the wrong answer, you won’t be able to move on to the next question.

So stay focused and start revising now ⬇️

7. Writing contest – Dad, I love you!

What if you gave your users the opportunity to show their fathers some love? To do so, imagine a writing contest where users can choose or write the compliment of their choice and then send it to their father by postcard or email. With an extra surprise: the first 100 participants are in with a chance to have their compliment printed on a t-shirt! A great campaign to make your community happy and collect data 😉


8. Wheel of fortune – Try your luck to win a TV

Some dads (if not all) love spending evenings in front of the TV and holding the remote, even if they fall asleep most of the time. To avoid conflicts about the TV and which program to watch, organise a contest offering your users the chance to win their own TV! Promote your campaign via a pop-up on your homepage to drive even more traffic to your game.

In the example below, we used the wheel of fortune format: the wheel is represented by the table and the slider by a hand, but you can set your creativity free and shape your wheel the way you want.


9. Quiz – Moustaches for all tastes!

Did you know that each type of moustache has a specific name? Incredible as it may seem, there are more than fifteen of them! With this instant answer check quiz, highlight the different types of moustaches and challenge participants to find their names.


Father’s Day inspiration: campaigns from our customers

Because examples of real campaigns also matter, we have gathered here three campaigns launched with the Qualifio Engage platform.

1. Daoust’s wheel of fortune

For Father’s Day, the human resources company Daoust launched a wheel of fortune. Participants had to spin the wheel to find out what kind of dad they are — a simple yet original campaign idea to celebrate fathers.


2. Les Collectionneurs’ gift guide

On their side, Les Collectionneurs decided to promote their products via a gift guide. Participants had to answer a few questions about their dad’s preferences to find the best gift for them from Les Collectionneurs’ range of products (stays, gastronomy, wellness, etc.)


3. VOO’s contest

Finally, the Belgian Internet, TV, mobile and telephone operator VOO created a Father’s Day contest giving users the chance to win a Xiaomi smartphone. To try their luck, participants had to put together a puzzle as quickly as possible AND with as few movements as possible.



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