For the return of spring and the upcoming major sports events, brands are creating interactive campaigns to keep their audience engaged. Discover in this article our 5 favourite marketing campaigns of April from which you can get inspired to grow your community and build brand loyalty.

1. Sporza’s photo contest

Sporza used the disqualification of the cyclist Michael Schär for throwing a bottle during the Ronde van Vlaanderen to launch an original campaign. The media decided to create a user-generated content campaign through a photo contest, encouraging people to share their best experience of collecting water bottle(s) from a cyclist and the story behind it.

This interactive campaign is brilliant as it shows Sporza’s desire to build a dialogue with its community and strengthen its proximity towards its audience. Hundreds of people shared the Facebook post, and Sporza gathered the 5 best stories on a dedicated website page. It also depicts how Qualifio can help your brand be responsive and leverage the news to launch a campaign very quickly.


2. Game of Thrones’ 10th anniversary by OCS

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the world-known series Game of Thrones, the television network OCS launched a campaign full of challenges, including:

Participants had the opportunity to win the complete literary series of “A Game of Thrones” and “Fire & Blood” by George R. R. Martin and many other prizes. For the occasion, OCS asked the help of our Studio team to create the design of their interactive campaign.

This is a great campaign to engage its wide community and increase its traffic as all games necessitate users to spend a lot of time on its website.


3. De Ondernemer’s writing contest

The Dutch magazine De Ondernemer created a writing contest in collaboration with VISA. They launched the #geniaallokaal campaign [ndlr: #geniuslocal] and encouraged local SMEs to share their ideas to make their business ready for the future. €2,000 online ad budget was offered to the winners of the contest. To share their ideas, participants had to fill out a form and enter some segmenting information collected by VISA like the company name, size and website domain.

To increase the campaign’s visibility and lead generation, VISA created an article on its website and bought native ads to promote it on Emerce, Twinkle and Adformatie. Finally, the winners announced their victory on their own websites and were covered on different local news websites, giving the campaign additional visibility.


4. Expressen’s football quiz

As the European Championship Football 2020 approaches, the Sweden newspaper Expressen launched an interactive campaign celebrating the national team’s history in the competition.

Why is this campaign interesting?

  • The 10-question quiz increases considerably the website traffic and page views.
  • The same campaign is embedded across all articles talking about the national team, expanding the campaign’s exposure.
  • Participants are encouraged to identify themselves and subscribe to the newsletter at the end of the quiz to get their results.

In short, this campaign is great as it’s the perfect proof that passionate editorial teams can bring first-party data to a media group like Expressen.


5. La Voix du Nord spring calendar

To celebrate the return of spring, the French newspaper La Voix du Nord launched an exclusive campaign for its subscribers. They created a custom spring calendar  and offered each day for one week gardening gifts from their partner Mon Petit Coin Vert. Each day, a different game was available, including a puzzle, a quiz and a memory game.

The interesting point with this campaign is its exclusivity, which encourages people to buy the magazine subscription. Also, the calendar is a great way for La Voix du Nord to engage its community and strengthen its subscribers’ loyalty by rewarding them with unique gifts. The spring calendar was a success as more than 12,000 participations were registered in one week.



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