Even if Christmas was different this year, brands have been creative to connect with their audiences and boost their sales. In this article, we have gathered our favourite Christmas and end-of-the-year marketing campaigns.

1. NRJ Music Awards’ challenge

On the 21st NRJ Music Awards ceremony, the French radio station NRJ tested celebrities’ musical knowledge with the All Star Challenge made up of 5 games.

  1. Level 1: “The mask singer”. Celebrities have to guess who is hiding behind the mask.
  2. Level 2: “Emojis songs”. Celebrities have to guess what song title is behind the emojis.
  3. Level 3: “Deepfake”. Celebrities have to guess which singer has been added to the video clips.
  4. Level 4: “General knowledge”. Celebrities have to answer different questions about the most popular songs of 2020.
  5. Level 5: “The not super mix”. Celebrities have to listen to a song and recognise the artists in the mix.

At the end of the 5 games, NRJ displayed a leaderboard with the top participants. An engaging, original and addictive challenge, which resulted in some great videos!

favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-december-nrj-1 favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-december-nrj-2 favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-december-nrj-3

2. Huawei’s wheel of fortune

To celebrate the last days of 2020 and its different partners, Huawei Egypt decided to launch a wheel of fortune with 650 vouchers to win. To spin the wheel, participants had first to fill out a form with their contact details. Vouchers were then directly sent to winners via email.


3. Warner Music’s Advent calendar

In December, digital Advent calendars were very popular among our users. It’s the perfect format to engage your audience, increase your traffic, convert your prospects into customers and build audience loyalty.

Warner Music Spain launched a digital Advent calendar and encouraged users to return to its channels with a new surprise each day: games, videos, prize draw, etc.


4. Bonnier’s runner

For its advertiser Emmentaler AOP Switzerland, the media group Bonnier decided to launch a pure engagement campaign via a runner game. They used the Swedish influencer Edward Blom’s image and challenged participants to catch as many Swiss cheeses as possible while avoiding cows and milk pitchers. At the end of the game, participants were encouraged to share their results on Facebook or Twitter and invite friends to beat their score.


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