January kicks off a new year, and we continue our monthly round-up ? This month, our Success Managers team made the nominations. We asked some of them to share their favourite campaign of January and explain why they liked it. Let’s go for a new year full of original, creative and interactive marketing campaigns!

1. Coca-Cola European Partners’ B2B campaign

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) decided to launch a contest to thank its collaborators. The action was open to any company registered on CCEP’s portal and having ordered ten boxes of the energy drink Monster. Through this contest, CCEP was offering a fridge full of Monster products. To participate, companies had to resolve a puzzle as quickly as possible.

Why is it one of our January campaigns of the month?

B2B is usually considered to be a more difficult segment when it comes to engagement. At Qualifio, we see more and more B2B campaigns leveraging B2C interactive formats with good results. CCEP shows here a great example of a simple yet effective contest directed at businesses.”leonLéon Termote, Customer Success Manager @ Qualifio


2. UGC’s good resolutions campaign

To start the year off on the right foot, UGC cinemas in France gave their audiences five good resolutions to adopt in 2021, through five campaigns. Each campaign promoted a different partner, offered a specific prize and used another mechanic (jackpot, memory, guess the word, etc.).

#1 Make yourself feel beautiful
#2 Go on an adventure
#3 Treat Yourself
#4 Get involved in a sporting challenge
#5 Go to cinemas (when they will reopen)

Why is it one of our January campaigns of the month?

“I love UGC’s campaign because it demonstrates creativity to highlight its different partners and maintain a dialogue with its audience while waiting for the cinemas reopening”.charlotteCharlotte Cornetti, Customer Success Manager @ Qualifio

UGC-interactive-marketing-campaigns-january-2021.png3. Diario AS’ sports survey

The Spanish sports newspaper Diario AS wrote an article about the performance and qualities of the world’s best goalkeepers. To make its article more interactive, the newspaper included a survey asking its readers to vote for their favourite goalkeeper.

Why is it one of our January campaigns of the month?

“What I like about this campaign (and all Diario AS’ campaigns in general), is the ease with which you can participate. The newspaper knows its readers and allows them to express their opinion on current events. That’s why I think its campaigns are very popular”pabloPablo Gomez de Castro, Customer Success Manager @ Qualifio

diario-as-favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-january-2021 diario-favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-january-20214. Telegraaf’s daily lockdown quiz

The Dutch newspaper Telegraaf created a daily “lockdown quiz” to engage its readers and encourage them to stay optimistic! In total, the newspaper launched nine small chrono quizzes, one for each day remaining before the end of the lockdown in the Netherlands (at least that’s what he thought at first).

Why is it one of our January campaigns of the month?

“I like the idea to make articles more dynamic by adding interactive quizzes in it. The Telegraaf engages daily with its readers by sending an email with the most important news. These quizzes allow the newspaper to increase its audience engagement and its website traffic.”deniseDenise Maaskant, Customer Success Manager @ Qualifio


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