Want to know how our users are doing to engage with their audiences and promote their brands during the “slow” season? To give you an idea and inspire you, here is a selection of our favourite interactive marketing campaigns created by brands from different sectors during July.

1. Warner Music

Warner Music Spain launched a wheel of fortune full of surprises, to promote the new song of Sergio Contreras, “Poses”. To be able to spin the wheel and win different prizes (speaker, t-shirt, a meeting with Sergio, etc.), participants had first to fill out a form with their first name, last name and email address. Warner also took the opportunity to get more subscribers to its newsletter by adding an opt-in to its form.


2. DPG Media group

Since June 30th, the readers of the Dutch women’s magazine Flair can access Flaironline via Google Assistant app or their smart speaker. They can directly talk to the online magazine to get their horoscope or daily housekeeping tips. To catch and drive readers’ attention and inform them, Flair decided to launch a promotional pop-up on its homepage with a link to the article giving more explanation about the new feature. The pop-up generated more than two million views and 90,000 clicks in a few days, with an average CTR of 4.5%.


On its side, Kek Mama, DPG’s lifestyle magazine for mothers, decided to boost its paid subscriptions with a special offer. To promote its offer, the magazine also launched a promotional pop-up on its homepage. The pop-up generated four million views and 100,000 clicks, with an average CTR of 2.5%.


3. UCLouvain university

This summer, the Belgian university UCLouvain decided every Wednesday to entertain and educate its students with a different quiz: student folklore, secret places on the university campus, past and present personalities of UCLouvain, etc.

The first quiz of the series was about the famous “calotte”, the cap worn by UCLouvain students who passed the rite of integration or more commonly known as “baptism”. A 10 questions quiz, with justification for each answer and the opportunity at the end for participants to share it on social media. The university also leveraged the exit screen by adding useful links about the life on the campus for current and future students.


4. Delhaize retailer

Delhaize decided to give a voice to its consumers through a swiper campaign. The retailer wanted to enable its consumers to choose the next products that would be in promotion on its e-shop. Users had to swipe right for their favourite products and left for the products they like less. The campaign was activated offline via posters and online via email and Facebook.

No matter your business, polls and surveys are great ways to get to know your audience’s opinions and preferences and gather valuable information. Once you’ve got your customers’ feedback, you can take advantage of it for your next marketing actions!


5. Stade Rennais F.C

The Stade Rennais Football Club launched a voting campaign on its website, showcasing 10 years of tifos*. In total, participants had to choose between 50 tifos their favourite one. Once the participant had voted, graphs with the most popular tifos were displayed. Participants also had the opportunity to share the campaign on social media. The votes’ results were published on Stade Rennais’ website.

*Choreographed display in which fans in a sports stadium raise a large banner together or simultaneously hold up signs that together form a large image [Google definition].


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