Last month, top brands created interactive and fun marketing campaigns to engage their audience and attract new customers. This is the case of Disneyland Paris and VUE Cinemas who celebrated the reopening of their business and FFF who engaged its fans for the European Football Championship. Take a look at these inspiring marketing campaigns!

1. FFF “Proud to be blue” campaign

To celebrate the start of the European Football Championship, the French Football Federation created a stunning campaign to engage all football fans through various interactive games:

  • A catcher on which Fans had to catch the right objects (balls, football shoes) and avoid the falling cards. The Fan with the highest score was offered 2 tickets for the next French Team home match.
  • A customised shell game requiring participants to find behind which locker the French team jersey is to be won.
  • A prediction inviting participants to find the exact score of all the French team’s matches.

The FFF created a specific event website,, gathering all these interactive games to offer a fan experience throughout the competition. The campaign has been a success with over 330,000 games played since its launch.


2. RATP & Disneyland Paris contest

The French public transport company RATP collaborated with Disneyland Paris to celebrate the reopening of the amusement park. Participants had to fill out a form to take part in the big contest and try to win tickets for Disneyland Paris.

The campaign had great exposure as people were able to participate via the RATP website and social media or by scanning a QR code displayed all around the stations. To increase its traffic and customers’ loyalty, RATP allowed participants to play once a day during the campaign period.


3. Respire’s cosmetics swiper>

The natural cosmetic brand Respire launched an original swiper to promote its vegan and eco-friendly products. This interactive game format requires participants to “swipe” left or right whether they love or not the displayed product. At the end of the game, a product matching their preferences is proposed to customers.

With this campaign, Respire can easily engage its audience and collect valuable consumer data to help them build their future communications.

4. Nestlé’s personality test

Recetas Nestlé created an original and colourful campaign to promote its seasoning brand Maggi. They launched a personality test with three questions asking participants their food preferences. Depending on their answers, people were receiving a profile describing their food habits.

In the exit screen, a call-to-action was redirecting visitors to Recetas Nestlé’s website where several recipes related to participants’ favourite food were shown. This interactive campaign is brilliant as it helps to segment its audience based on their preferences and to showcase Maggi products through the tailored recipes proposed to participants.

Nestlé personality test

5. VUE Cinemas’ escape game

VUE Cinemas created a funny escape game to engage its audience. To do so, they used the instant check feature, validating participants’ answers instantly. And to make its game more entertaining and challenging, VUE Cinemas added a chrono! The format is ideal to entertain and challenge its audience as participants needed to complete the different mini-games the fastest possible to win a prize.



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