Last month, brands demonstrated ingenuity in creating campaigns to engage their audience, especially for Mother’s Day and European Championship Football 2020. Discover in this article our favourite interactive marketing campaigns that can inspire you to collect first-party data.

1. Zwembad’s wheel of fortune

To celebrate its brand’s new identity and promote its swimming pool products, Zwembad called on the digital agency Yappa to create a personalised wheel of fortune, full of special prizes, from simple discounts to free shipping.

To further increase its visibility, Zwembad highlighted the campaign :

  • On its website
  • On its Facebook page, via a pop-up
  • Via Google Ads
  • Via marketing emails

The campaign was a success for Zwembad, with nearly 3,800 participants in only 7 days!



2. OUIGO’s personality test

To promote its new offer in Brittany, OUIGO launched a customised personality test. Created by the agency Numberly, the campaign enabled participants to discover the Breton speciality made for them! In addition to being highlighted on the website, the campaign was also activated on OUIGO’s social media for:

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic generation
  • Audience segmentation and first-party data collection

This campaign is brilliant as it helped OUIGO to increase its new offer’s visibility through interactive content and improve future communications thanks to the useful insights collected such as the favourite Breton speciality.


3. The Handball’s association photo contest

For Mother’s Day, the Dutch Handball association launched an original photo contest inviting fans to upload a picture with their mom. The winners were offered 2 national team jerseys with their names printed on them to wear for the next match they were invited to.

When uploading the picture, people were asked to select their favourite player and had the opportunity to subscribe to the Dutch Handball association newsletter.

handball NL

4. Seedtag’s awareness campaign

The leading contextual advertising company Seedtag launched an original campaign to educate and entertain its users. The company encouraged participants to answer a 6-question quiz to get their own tree in the Seedtag Forest! Seedtag used the instant check feature to make its quiz more challenging and added a chrono to give it an “escape” game style.



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