November is usually a hectic month with so much going on, and this year is no exception: second lockdown, US presidential election, European week for waste reduction, Black Friday, etc. Discover how our customers used interactive content and gamification to stay connected to their digital communities and keep them engaged.

1. Sport

AS Monaco’s runner

Since its launch, the runner game has been trendy! Together with our Studio team, our customers have built original runners, in line with their brand and universe.

This month, we wanted to highlight the runner game of the French football club AS Monaco. Participants have to catch the balls and avoid the tires for a chance to win exclusive Christmas gifts each week. An addictive campaign also giving great visibility to AS Monaco sponsors, thanks to their logos displayed in the background.


LOSC’s shell game

On the occasion of Friday the 13th, the French football club LOSC decided to offer one of its users a jersey in the team’s colours worth €80. To take part in the draw, users had to find out behind which cup the ball was hidden and validate their participation by filling out a form with their contact details. A funny game, easy to set up!


2. Lockdown

HLN’s campaigns

The daily newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws decided to launch two campaigns to support its community in these darker times:

  1. The Help the Horeca” and Help shops” campaign. The newspaper encourages restaurants and shops to add their contact details and takeaway deals on its guide. The goal? Gather all businesses and promote them via its newspaper and online to make sure everyone knows the offers of the restaurants and shops of their region. The campaign was also promoted with a commercial on TV.
  2. The Create Light” campaign. With the support of the TV channel, VTM NIEUWS, the newspaper encouraged its community to illuminate their house, garden or window as a sign of hope and connection. The campaign page was visited more than 200,000 times, and thousands of light pictures were massively shared on social media. The newspaper gathered all the pictures in a gallery available on its website.

favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-november-hln favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-november-hln-2

RTBF’s test

With the beginning of the second lockdown in Belgium, the Belgian Radio-Television Broadcasting (RTBF) decided to make a quiz about all the new rules (curfew, authorised activities, etc.). Available on its website, the quiz enables users to test their knowledge and see if they have followed the news.


3. Food

Entremont’s wheel of fortune

Raclette season is now open! From October 21st to November 19th, the brand Entremont decided to launch the “Raclette Party” contest with 3,000 prizes to win. Users had to spin a wheel to find out what they’ve won and fill out a form to enter the draw for the big prize: a weekend in the Belgian Ardennes.

To be able to spin the wheel several times and increase their chance, participants had to enter a unique code, available only on the brand’s products. An excellent way to increase its sales!


Marmiton’s quiz

On the occasion of the European week for waste reduction (21st to 29th of November), Marmiton, the French website offering cooking recipes, created a quiz to raise awareness among its users. Participants could test their zero waste knowledge (bulk purchase, packaging, plastic bottles, etc.) and try to win one of the 5 prizes.


4. US election

Aftonbladet’s personality test

To know its audience’s opinion on the US presidential election, the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet launched a battle “Are you more Trump or Biden?”. Instead of only voting for their favourite candidate, participants had to answer some questions to find out if they were more republican or democrat.


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