You know how it goes: the end of the month means recap of our favourite interactive marketing campaigns! This month, you’ll also discover how our users leveraged our latest features, like the instant answer check or the runner game, to engage with their digital audiences in even more original and interactive ways.

1. Dr. Oetker’s runner

For back-to-school, Dr. Oetker decided to use our latest game, the runner! The company challenged its consumers to catch as many pizzas as possible for a chance to win free pizzas for one year or discount vouchers. A fun and engaging game for its audience, ideal for increasing the time spent on its channels.

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2. Nestlé’s shell game

For Halloween, Nestlé France decided to promote it’s loyalty program “Croquons la vie (CLV)” by launching a shell game. Nestlé announced its campaign via:

  • CLV website;
  • Emailing to CLV members;
  • Nestlé Facebook page;
  • Nestlé partner’s websites.

Participants had to click on one of the three pumpkins displayed on the screen to instantly discover if they had won a subscription to Sybel, the audio streaming platform giving access to hundreds of podcasts of all kinds. Before participating, they had to fill out a form in which an opt-in for Nestlé newsletter was proposed.


3. Currys PC World’s personality test

The electrical retailer Currys PC World launched a campaign “Find your perfect match”, in collaboration with Movable Ink, a company enabling businesses to deliver more personalised email marketing. The idea? Help users to find their ideal home office accessories by answering some questions. Before discovering the home office accessory made for them, participants had to fill out a form in which Currys PC World proposed a newsletter opt-in.

Currys PC World used the Qualifio platform to create the personality test and the form attached and collaborated with Movable Ink to give new product recommendations every hour. At the end of the test, a call-to-action enabled participants to immediately shop online their home office accessory.

favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-october-dixons favourite-interactive-marketing-campaigns-october-dixons-2

4. Match & Smatch’s contest

With the help of their creative agency Netly, the retailers Match & Smatch launched a campaign allowing consumers to win a year’s supply of groceries. To participate, consumers had to fill out a form with their contact details and answer three questions.


But that’s not all. All participants were winners: Match & Smatch sent a €2 discount coupon automatically by email to each participant. An original and useful campaign to attract prospects and convert them into customers.


5. betevé’s quiz

For the reopening of Barcelona’s nightclubs initially planned for the beginning of October, the media betevé launched an interactive quiz using the instant answer check feature. Participants had to guess the names of famous nightclubs and bars of Barcelona by putting letters back in the right order. The results? Thanks to its interactive quiz, visitors spent 6 minutes 30 seconds on average on its page.


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