Here we go again! This February, our customers created original campaigns to capture the attention of their audiences and facilitate direct engagement. So here’s our round-up of the most innovative campaigns that drove first-party data collection, increased loyalty, raised awareness and delivered engaging experiences on multiple digital channels.

1. Nestlé’s loyalty campaign

To promote it’s loyalty program “Croquons la vie”, Nestlé decided to launch a jackpot campaign on “Nestlé Croquons La vie” website. The campaign was promoted via:

  • Banners on “Nestlé Croquons La vie” website;
  • Emailing;
  • Nestlé Facebook page;
  • Nestlé partner’s websites.


Much like a classic instant win, participants immediately know if they won or lost, depending on whether the three images in the machine slot are identical or not. To enter the jackpot and try to win one of the polaroid cameras, participants had to fill out a form with their contact details in which an opt-in for Nestlé newsletter was offered. After participating, a message was displayed, inviting players to join Nestlé’s loyalty program by creating an account to access more games.


2. Armani’s sampling campaign

In January 2020, Emporio Armani launched two new fragrances: “Stronger With You for Him” and “In Love With You for Her”. To promote its new perfumes, Armani decided to give away free duo samples for Valentine’s Day. februarys-best-interactive-campaigns-armani

On the occasion, the brand created a dedicated website inviting people to order their sample by giving their contact details via a form. Armani also took this opportunity to collect new newsletter subscribers by adding an opt-in to the form. Once all the samples have been distributed, the brand proposed to visitors to stay informed about its next offers and news by subscribing to its newsletter — an original way to leverage a successful campaign even after it’s finished.

3. AD’s awareness campaign

75 years after the end of World War II, the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad wanted to raise awareness and educate their readers around the Dutch famine during WW2, known in the Netherlands as the Hongerwinter.


As a first step, the newspaper asked the survivors to share their stories via letters and emails. Some of them were published in the print and online versions of the newspaper. In a second step, due to the high number of stories received, AD decided to transcribe all the letters in a gallery created with the Qualifio platform and published in the Hongerwinter article available on the premium and paid section of its website. With this campaign, the newspaper managed to gain new subscribers to its premium content and to drive more than 30,000 views.


4. Expressen’s nurturing campaign

Expressen is one of the two largest newspapers in Sweden, owned by the media group Bonnier. The newspaper website gathers, among other things, different sports pages solely focused on sports betting. Around Christmas, they launched a series of quizzes and contests sponsored by betting companies.


When they drew the winners in February, they sent out a newsletter announcing them and proposing a new contest, directly published in an article on its website. For this new contest, players had to answer a few questions about different football clubs to try to win a poster autographed by Hugh Curran and six months free subscription to Expressen. To validate their answers, they had to fill out a form with their personal data.

In the exit screen of the campaign, Expressen advertised its partner by displaying a call to action inviting players to go betting on its partner’s page.

5.’s engagement campaign

To engage its online community and increase their time spent on its channels, the French marketing media website,, created a logo quiz in which Internet users were challenged to identify 100 logos, with 20 seconds per logo. Participants were excluded from the first wrong answer. This format is well-suited to encourage participants to replay to reach the final question and multiply the page views of your website!


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