From the 26th of June to the 18th of July 2021, the 108th edition of the Tour de France will be on everyone’s lips. Followed by thousands of fans worldwide and supported by 44 partner sponsors, the Tour is one of the most significant sports events, and you can use this opportunity to achieve your marketing goals.

Creating interactive marketing campaigns during this international sporting event will increase your brand and sponsors visibility in various ways. This is the opportunity to launch games to engage fans, collect relevant data and improve your future communications. Moreover, using interactive content will help you boost your website traffic and give solid exposure to your sponsors. In this way, you will attract more social media fans and newsletter subscribers and build meaningful relationships with your existing and new clients.

Discover in this ebook 10 interactive campaigns ideas that will help you engage your audience and collect actionable data.

The stages’ calendar

To follow the cyclists’ progress, create a calendar and offer fans unique gifts for each one of the 21 stages of the Tour. This original campaign is the best way to increase your traffic and customers’ loyalty as they will visit your website regularly. It’s also an excellent opportunity to highlight sponsors!

calendar-tour-de-france-2021Download the ebook to discover the 9 other marketing ideas for the Tour de France.