New: Discover our ideas for Summer 2022

The world comes alive again. Little by little, but it lives again. Restaurants and bars are reopening, people are going back to work, countries are getting ready to welcome tourists… and brands are thinking about their summer marketing.

Right now, it isn’t the time to go about business-as-usual; it’s time to come up with fun and engaging actions. There are different ways to live this period with your digital audiences. In this ebook, you’ll find 11 campaign ideas for your summer marketing, easy to set up, effective and appropriate for the current global circumstances.

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To give you a taste of what you’ll find in this ebook, here are four of our campaign ideas that you can try in live.

Theme #1 COVID-19

This summer, COVID-19 will probably still hog all conversations and the news. If you want to talk about the virus and create content around it, we’ve imagined two interactive campaigns that will be fun and engaging for your audience.

Beginning of March, leaders across the globe faced the same questions about the fast approaching COVID-19: what to do? How to prepare and respond? A few months later, who passed the test? And who has been a good leader? That’s the swiper we imagined for your audience! Ask them who has been a good leader for them and to answer by “swiping” right or left. Take advantage of the exit screen to give them some additional information about the current situation.

Theme #2 Entertainment

To celebrate the reopening of amusement parks, we’ve imagined a campaign where participants have to find where the mascot hid during the quarantine. Give them some clue to find the mascot and reward the winner with free entrance tickets. In the exit screen, display a countdown with the remaining days before the reopening of the park. You can replicate this campaign with restaurants, museums, bars, etc.

For Qualifio users: discover how to integrate a countdown in your campaign in this tutorial!

Theme #3 Sun

With summer, temperatures rise and sun exposure too. The perfect occasion to inform your web users about the sun’s benefits and risks. And why don’t you do it interactively? We have imagined a playful prevention campaign with the “hidden object” format. Web users must find the sunscreen hidden in the image before the lady turns red. Take advantage of the exit screen to raise users’ awareness of the health risks of UV rays.


Discover all our creative and inspiring ideas for your summer marketing in this ebook.

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