Every once in a while, we present you with one or more great campaign(s) created by our, well, great users. This month, we wanted to highlight a Jackpot campaign made by the French TV network Gulli.

Gulli, a French television network dedicated to children’s programming, recently set up a Jackpot campaign, our newest format (which was released a few weeks ago!). There were several chocolate fountains to win, as the campaign was sponsored by Yoocook (a kitchen utensils manufacturer) and Gobel (a French pastry mould manufacturer).

Gulli - Welcome screen

Interestingly, Gulli used their own authentication system (thanks to a SSO integration with Qualifio) so that participants could log in with their existing Gulli name and password.

Gulli - SSO

We were impressed by the beautiful look and feel of their campaign, with various fruits and other snacks dipped into chocolate. The participants had to get three strawberries to win. Customization is definitely at its best in this stunning campaign!

gulli qualifio marketing

This 3-week contest had no limitation on the number of participations, which made the campaign figures soar, as explained by Virgine Proteau, Deputy Digital Director for Gulli:

We were eager to try this new Jackpot format. Our campaign was a big hit, mainly because the game mechanic is very addictive. Moreover, we hadn’t set any participations limitation, so the figures were quite impressive: over 210,000 participations and 1,500 accounts created in three weeks!”

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