Static advertising campaigns are becoming less and less effective, especially in the retail sector.

To continue to engage consumers, most major retailers today use marketing of a new kind: interactive marketing. Quizzes, contests, personality tests and other interactive formats allow them to create more virality and, above all, to have a two-way communication with their audiences. Most often, interactive campaigns help them to meet the following challenges:

    • Increase sales through viral campaigns that are shared by consumers
    • Recruit new members for their loyalty programs
    • Increase their number of fans on social media
    • Increase the number of subscribers to their newsletters
    • Retain visitors by encouraging them to come back thanks to fun, engaging interactivities
    • Collect accurate consumer data to deliver customized communications and segment-based offers
    • Bring online visitors to physical stores and foot traffic to digital channels and online stores
    • Increase sponsorship revenues by giving greater visibility to their partners through special actions


Carrefour proposes members of its loyalty program who have children between 3 and 12 years of age to join the Carrefour Kid’s Club. The Club uses each month a different interactive game mechanics, and offers animations and exclusive benefits to its young members.

      • Recruitment — Participants must enter their Carrefour loyalty card number and/ or their Carrefour Kid’s Club card number in order to increase their chances of winning. This encourages users to join the loyalty program.
      • Loyalty — Contests are a sort of monthly meeting proposed to the members of Carrefour Kid’s Club and represent the biggest part of the digital animation.
      • Newsletter — The contests invite participants to subscribe to the newsletter.
      • Engagement — Game mechanics vary every month: quiz, guess the word, Advent calendar, etc.
      • +97.000 identified and engaged participants
      • +177.000 games
      • 800 new members/month
      • 22.000 new subscribers to the newsletter

The principle of the game: to participate in the contest and try to win bags of Haribo candies, the participant must answer a series of questions to discover the kind of Haribo candy that corresponds most to their personality. An important detail: to validate their participation, they must indicate their contact details and provide their membership card number, which is automatically checked by the system.

      • 1.767 new collected profiles
      • 309 Facebook shares
      • 1.215 new subscribers to the newsletter


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