The Olympic Games are coming! In one month, the best athletes of the planet will be in Rio for one of the most important sport events of the year. It is one more time a chance for you to create great interactions with your audience and collect quality data.

1. The Olympic Games knowledge Test

layout1 (4)

Type of campaign : Quiz
How to ? : Create a simple quiz campaign with simple questions – radio buttons type.

2. The best athletes recipes


Type of campaign : Photo contest
How to ? : Create a photo contest, upload your pictures, share only the voting campaign to your participants.

3. Do you remember these moving OG moments ?

vote3-compil (1)

Type of campaign : Poll and vote
How to ? : Create a poll or vote campaign. Create a question with answers in buttons and insert multimedia illustrations with the Youtube video related to each answers.

4. Organize your own Olympic Games with a sport each day !

layout1 (3)

Type of campaign : Advent calendar
How to ? : Create an advent calendar campaign. You can “hide” a campaign or any type of content behind each door.

5. What’s your favorite sport ?


Type of campaign : Battle
How to ? : Create a battle between all the sports of the olympic games.

6. What olympic sport are you ?


Type of campaign : Personality test
How to ? : Create an personality test campaign. Create questions with “click on an image” answers.

7. The medal prediction


Type of campaign : Prediction
How to ? : Create a simple prediction campaign with “click on an image” type of answers.


To relive the moments that have marked the Olympic Games’ history, offer your users the possibility to choose their TOP 10 legends in different categories that you can determine (athlete, stadium, podium, medal, disappointment, …). Once completed, the user can share his/her Top 10 on social networks and compare it with friends and experts.

This campaign is only available via the Studio Swelly