You’ve been doing a lot of quizzes, contests, personality tests and surveys, but now you’re looking for more innovative formats to attract audiences and stand out? At Qualifio, we see first hand how well-built interactive marketing content can give you a competitive advantage and help you raise above the noise. So if you’re looking to differentiate your content, attract more attention, and get a higher return on your marketing efforts, here are 10 innovative content formats to consider.

1. Spot the difference

With this game, players must find the difference between two similar images. This is a good way to entertain and engage your audience, while having them interact with your brand or your products for a rather long time. To be used for advertising or just for engagement!

Main advantages: monetization, engagement and loyalty.

add-retail-spot-the-difference decathlon-spot-the-difference

Convinced yet? Discover our step-by-step guide on how to create the “Spot the difference” interactive content format in Qualifio.

2. Hidden object

The Hidden Object’s idea is simple: players must find an item that is hidden within a picture. They get a series of pictures and clues to what object they need to find (e.g. how it looks like, a silhouette, a textual description or a name). Then, they just click over the item as they find it.

Main advantages: monetization and engagement.

isilines-hidden-object carrefour-hidden-object

The “hidden object” format works the same way as the “spot the difference” one. Here’s how to create a “hidden object” interactive campaign.

3. Guess who?

With the Guess who? format, your users have to guess a celebrity, an activity, or an object, from a deteriorated image. As one goes along (every day or every week, for example), the image gets clearer in order to facilitate game play. You can also add a new clue at each step of the game! One of the main advantages of this format is that it allows you to retain visitors and encourage them to come back regularly on your channels.

Main advantages: engagement, monetization and loyalty.

tadao-guess-who  guess-who

Convinced yet? Check out our tutorial on how to create your own “Guess who?” interactive campaign.

4. Shell game

In the Shell Game, several identical containers are displayed on the screen (cups, doors, trunks, etc.). A prize is placed behind one of these containers so that it cannot be seen. The player is then invited to click on the container they believe holds the object. Each time they play, the prize is placed behind another container so it can go on forever!

Main advantages: monetisation and engagement.

carrefour-shell-game  center-parcs-shell-game

Convinced yet? Find out all the steps to create a shell game in this tutorial.

5. Rebus

A Rebus is a coded message using pictures, numbers and letters to replace words. Turn the text of your choice into a fun little picture puzzle and ask your audience to name the words represented. The ideal format to help them discover your new line or product, for instance.

Main advantages: virality, engagement and monetisation.

futuroscope-rebus  tadao-rebus

How to create an interactive Rebus? It’s so easy:

  • You can either create a “Guess the word” campaign and add your coded message as an image to illustrate your question;
  • Or you can create a quiz and choose among various question types (multiple choice or text field with instant comparison (so participants can immediately know whether the word is correct or not), etc.

6. The price is right

With the Price is Right game, pairs of cards are displayed with different products and prices. Participants have to match each product with the right price. This is a great way to bring forward promotional prices and to showcase your products in a fun way with this pricing game.

Main advantages: monetisation, engagement and loyalty.

price-is-right-example price-is-right-example

How can you recreate this type of interaction? Create a memory game. Instead of adding pairs of identical cards, use complementary pairs such as a product and its price. You can then select winners based on the number of time they had to click to get all right answers.

7. Blind test

In a blind test, participants have to listen to pieces of music and find the artist, either among the given proposals, or by typing the right answer. For more challenge, you can add a time limit. Select the winners among participants who got the best score or who were the fastest.

Main advantages: virality and engagement.

musical-quiz-example  musical-quiz-rtl

Create your own blind test campaign by adding music samples to your quiz or contests. You can choose the display mode of your answers. Participants will either have to find the correct answer amongst the proposals, or directly enter what they think is the right answer.

8. Gift guide

Help your audience find the perfect gift thanks to a gift guide that generates suggestions. With our branching options, the ideas will be more relevant as they will be based on the participant’s answers about the personality, interests and requirements of the gift recipient. Highlight best matches and add clear call-to-action buttons to allow users to end the test with a purchase on your online store for example.

Main advantages: segmentation, engagement and lead generation.

gift-guide-millesima  gift-guide-example

How to create a gift guide? Go for a personality test with branching and create your questionnaire. For each answer, choose a branching option (next question, skip some questions, end the questionnaire). At the end, define several profiles based on the answers.

9. Discount coupons

Tie the physical and digital worlds with a web-to-store campaign. Give a discount coupon or a unique barcode (GS1 certified) to each participant to your web-to-store campaign, which they can then redeem in your store or your online boutique.

Main advantage: engagement, loyalty, lead generation, monetisation.

And with our integration with HighCo Data, driving foot traffic to your retail store will never have been easier! Discover how to use those (e)coupons in your interactive campaigns.

nestle-coupon  marionnaud-coupon

10. Unique codes

Attract new online customers with a drive-to-web campaign. Distribute unique codes in stores, which will grant participants access to an exclusive online contest. A powerful weapon to identify and qualify your foot traffic!

Main advantages: engagement, monetisation and loyalty.

M6-perrier-code-unique  nivea-code-unique

Want to use unique codes in your interactive campaigns? Find out how you can manage unique codes in Qualifio with this tutorial.