Luminus, Quaker and American Express: all of them have chosen the game to mark the beginning of this new year. Good resolutions, objectives achieved, year in review or new products, every opportunity is good to launch gamification and data collection campaigns. Here are January’s best interactive marketing campaigns!

1. Luminus’ video quiz

To start the new year on the right foot, Luminus, energy supplier in Belgium, decided to launch an eco-friendly campaign. The campaign, named “Start 2020 with dozens of eco-friendly gifts“, invited Internet users to answer questions about Luminus’ year. Before starting the quiz, they were encouraged to watch a video to help them answer the questions. The gifts to be won: an electric scooter, 30 solar-powered USB chargers and 50 Luminus recycled shopping bags, containing a pencil with seeds to grow, an infusion bottle and a mobile phone recharging cable.


But that’s not all! To incite Internet users to play and make Belgium even greener, Luminus announced that one tree would be planted in Belgium in 2020 for each participation.
The competition, launched from December 31st to January 19th, was published on a dedicated website and promoted via sponsored ads on Facebook.


2. Quaker’s partnership

To encourage its audiences to make good resolutions for 2020, the cereal brand Quaker launched a contest in collaboration with the online gym

january-best-interactive-marketing-campaigns-quaker-2 january-best-interactive-marketing-campaigns-quaker

Participants had to answer a few questions about the brand’s three new products to try to win a Fitchannel subscription worth €70. The campaign allowed the brand to educate its consumers about its latest products while offering a great reward. In the campaign’s exit screen, the essential nutritional benefits of Quaker products were displayed. The contest was published on Quaker’s website and promoted via social ads.


A subscription to the brand’s newsletter and that of its group, Pepsico, was offered to participants when they registered for the contest.

3. American Express’ challenge

American Express Espagne challenged its Internet users by creating a 15-question quiz about travels and different cultures. A total of 200 questions were prepared by the company and displayed randomly. As soon as the quiz was completed, participants could either play again or take advantage of their special offer: 20,000 points and up to €60 when ordering an American Express card after the quiz.

january-best-interactive-marketing-campaigns-ae-1 january-best-interactive-marketing-campaigns-ae

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