Beginning of the Tour de France, the release of the movie The Lion King or Formula 1 races, our users took advantage of the various events that punctuated the month of July to continue to engage their audiences and collect data. Focus on the best interactive marketing campaigns in July.

1. The Tour de France

The Vittel store-to-web contest

From 15 to 27 July, the mineral water brand Vittel launched a special Tour de France contest in 38 stores in Belgium. Consumers received a flyer in-store inviting them to go to a dedicated website to enter the contest. Once online, they had to answer two questions and provide their contact information to validate their participation. The price? A vintage Vittel racing bike for 38 participants.

july-best-interactive marketing-campaigns-vittel

Le Journal de Mickey’s calendar

Throughout the Tour de France, Le Journal de Mickey launched a calendar, easily integrated via an iframe on its website. Every day a new box opened to unlock a question on the Tour de France. Participants had to answer them correctly and then enter the draw to try to win one of the collector gifts. An ideal format to retain your participants by encouraging them to return to your channels daily.

july-best-interactive marketing-campaigns-mickey

Sporza’s poll

To make its article on the Tour de France more dynamic and interactive, the Belgian sports website Sporza integrated a survey via an iframe. Web-users were invited to vote for their favourite Tour de France cyclist. As soon as their vote was registered, gauges with the most popular entries were displayed.

july-best-interactive marketing-campaigns-sporza

2. National Geographic’s photo contest

National Geographic España magazine launched a photo contest for amateur photographers. Participants were invited to share their best photos and collect as many votes as possible to hope to make the cover of the magazine. To validate their participation, photographers were able to identify themselves either via a Qualifio form or via Facebook Connect, using their Facebook ID. In the Qualifio form, they were offered an opt-in to the National Geographic newsletter.

july-best-interactive marketing-campaigns-ng

3. Nestlé Cereals’ puzzle

For The Lion King’s movie release, Nestlé Cereals decided to offer various gifts to its consumers, including a family safari in Kenya! To enter the contest, participants had to have previously purchased Nestlé breakfast cereals and enter the unique code on the back of the package into an online campaign. They were then invited to rebuild a puzzle as quickly as possible before instantly discovering if they had won one of the 500 gifts. An original campaign to link the physical and digital worlds.

july-best-interactive marketing-campaigns-lion-king

4. TV3 Sport’s sound quiz

The Danish sports TV channel, TV3 Sport, launched an original quiz based on extracts from Formula 1 races. The quiz, published on its Facebook page, was inviting web users to listen to the extracts and guess which pilot was hiding behind it. TV3 Sport gave the right answers at the end of the quiz and an invitation to subscribe to the TV channel’s newsletter.

july-best-interactive marketing-campaigns

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