To celebrate the beginning of summer, some brands have decided to make their content more interactive. They used quizzes, personality tests, vote mechanics and other animated games to engage with their audience and reach their marketing objectives. Here is a selection of our favourite campaigns created by our users in June.

1. Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, the human resources company Daoust launched a unique wheel of fortune. Participants had to spin the wheel to find out what kind of dad they are. An original campaign, funny and easy to set up to celebrate the fathers of its community. Next to their profile, participants discovered a call-to-action inviting them to share the campaign on Facebook.


2. Home insurance

The Belgian energy supplier Luminus decided to help its community to make the right choice in terms of home insurance. Via a test published on its blog, the supplier invites the tenants and owners of its audience to indicate what they want to cover in their home, by clicking on different images. At the end of the test, participants discover Luminus solutions adapted to their needs and profile, with the opportunity to benefit from some promotions immediately. A great way to add interactivity to content that is useful and relevant to its readers!


3. Cinemas reopening

This is it. Cinemas are reopening! To get ready for July 1st, UGC cinemas in Belgium decided to launch a voting campaign “Which movie are you looking forward to watching this summer?”. Internet users had to “swipe” left or right to vote for their favourite movies. The prize? The chance to win two cinema tickets and have your favourite films selected for the reopening on July 1st. An excellent way to know its audience preferences and accordingly adapt its program.


4. Return of football

To celebrate the return of football and Germany’s Bundesliga, FOX Sports decided to launch a personality test “Which Bundesliga club suits you the best?”. The test published on its website encouraged Internet users to answer some questions like “What’s your favourite Bundesliga player?”, “What’s your favourite animal?” or “What’s your favourite colour?” to discover the German club made for them. At the end of the test, FOX Sports offered participants the chance to win a signed jersey from the club of their choice, by filling a form. The channel also added an opt-in to its newsletter in the form to stay connected with participants.


5. Movies

Do you also struggle to find out which movie to watch? To help its readers, the Danish magazine decided to launch a personality test. Participants had to answer some questions by clicking on pictures to find the corresponding movie based on their mood. At the end of the quiz, a link to subscribe to the newsletter was also displayed. The magazine promoted its campaign via newsletter and on Facebook. A successful campaign massively shared by participants on Facebook!


6. Music

For the second year, the Spanish newspaper Las Provincias partnered with the bank Bankia to launch the musical contest «Jóvenes Talentos Musicales a Escena» [ndlr: Young Musical Talents on Stage]. To participate, students have to upload a 2-minute video of them playing an instrument from their home. To upload their video, they need first to log in with their Facebook, Google or Las Provincias credentials. At the end of the contest, there will be two groups of winners: some of them will be selected by a professional jury to perform in a large auditorium in Valencia, and others will be selected by the public votes and compete for different prizes.


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