Collect consumer data & attract your digital audiences through interactive campaigns

The food and beverage industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Europe. According to FoodDrinkEurope, it represents a turnover of more than €1 trillion (2017). And according to the European Commission, food accounts for approximately 12.2% of a typical household’s spending, ranking third after housing & transport.

In other words, foods and beverages are not luxury items; they are crucial to surviving. That’s why marketers don’t need to convince consumers they need to buy it. Instead, their role is to convince consumers that they need their products over another brand’s.

So, beyond catchy product packaging designs, how do they draw customers in? One thing is certain: food and beverage businesses have to up their marketing game to stay relevant to consumers and enjoy the larger share of the pie…

According to data from the 2018 RSM Digital Transformation Survey:*


of organisations in the food and beverage industry say they’re leading competitors with their digital maturity.


of surveyed companies indicate they are concerned about their ability to achieve their goals for digital transformation.

Having a comprehensive digital strategy is essential for an industry that has to constantly evolve to meet consumers’ changing expectations. Some food and beverage companies have understood that. They use social media and innovative interactivities to connect with consumers and collect useful data in order to make their brand different and memorable.

In this e-book, you’ll find 6 examples from top food and beverage businesses you can borrow to attract new clients, retain your consumers and increase your revenues.