This is the third (and maybe the last?) article in our COVID-19 series. Every month, we’re highlighting some of our favourite and most original interactive marketing campaigns, launched by our users. Mother’s Day, Star Wars, football or even travels: here is our selection for May!

1. NUTELLA®’s drive-to-web campaign

NUTELLA® tied the physical and digital worlds with a drive-to-web campaign. The brand printed unique codes on its NUTELLA® jars and distributed them in different retailers. The unique codes were giving consumers access to an exclusive contest on NUTELLA® ‘s website. Every week during four months, 20 participants were selected to win a toaster. At the end of the campaign, NUTELLA® will choose three people between all participants and offer them a trip to New York in 2021!

To inspire its consumers, the brand added a link in its campaign inviting them to visit a dedicated page full of NUTELLA®-based recipe ideas. An original campaign to both increase its sales and online traffic while rewarding and inspiring its consumers.


2. UGC’s Star Wars campaign

May the 4th is THE day during which we celebrate the Star Wars saga and everything related to the galaxy. For the occasion, UGC decided to launch a jackpot to win 3 Star Wars posters and a cinema ticket for its audience. Before starting the jackpot, the participants had to fill in a form with their contact details.

UGC took the opportunity to collect relevant information about its participants, such as their favourite UGC cinema or to offer them a subscription to its newsletter. Once the form had been filled in, participants immediately found out whether they had won or lost.


3. STIB’s educative campaign

To make sure its travellers were ready to resume the public transport, the STIB-MIVB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company) launched a quiz around COVID-19 and the new safety measures like social distancing, hand washing, face masks, etc. A 10 questions quiz with explanations to try to make this special moment a bit more playful.

Want to know how the STIB-MIVB relies on interactive content to engage its social audiences? Discover Florence Manente’s interview, Social Media Editor at the STIB-MIVB.


4. LOSC’s cumulative campaign

To elect its best fan, the French football club LOSC decided to launch an ultimate quiz over five weeks, with cumulative points. Every Wednesday, a new quiz was published on its website and participants’ scores were added up from quiz to quiz. A campaign that helped the club to improve its audience’s loyalty and to reward three participants with a LOSC jersey signed by the team!


5. Nestlé’s veggie campaign

To promote its veggie products Garden Gourmet, Nestlé decided to launch a memory campaign on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The game challenged participants to find all matching pairs of cards in the lowest time and fewest clicks possible to try to win one of the Veggiecue Box (veggie products, barbecue, recipe book, gloves, tools, etc.)!

Before entering the game, participants had to indicate from which influencer they discovered the contest. An excellent way to identify which partnerships with influencers works best. In the end, a form was displayed to gather participants’ contact details as well as other information such as their type of diet, if they knew the brand and how often they were buying Garden Gourmet products.

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6. Brico’s Mother’s Day campaign

To celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine, the DIY stores Brico decided to launch a photo contest and offer a 25€ gift card to 50 mothers. To participate, Internet users had to upload a picture of the DIY project they had made for their mothers and describe it for a chance to win a gift card. The perfect campaign to celebrate the mothers of its audience and the reopening of its stores!


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