Michel & Augustin have recently joined Qualifio.

For the 4th edition of their incredible event: “Have your pastry diploma with us”, they have tried a new format. An original Qualifio campaign with an amazing prize.

  • Original because of it’s format and the concept : the participants must introduce themselves and their pastry project in 36 seconds!
  • An amazing prize : the winners will have the chance to receive an official pastry diploma once they’ve succeed in all the challenges.

By using the platform, Michel et Augustin had the chance to create this campaign quickly and easily. Thanks to Qualifio they could upload the videos directly on their website or on their facebook page without using any other service like Youtube or Vimeo.

Michel & Augustin is a french food brand, it has been created in 2004. The founders have started by cooking some biscuits called “petits sablés”, first in their oven but quite quickly in bakery shops and in other professional infrastructures. Their success was quick and right now they sell their products everywhere in the world.


Have a look at the campaign on their website or on their facebook page