New: Discover our ideas for Mother’s Day 2021

This year, we’ll probably celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine. To stay close to the mothers in your community or continue to engage their children during the lockdown, here are 10 creative and interactive marketing campaign ideas, easy to create and publish on your digital channels (website, social media, mobile app).

1. Help your audience to send virtual love to their mums

Create a writing contest and invite your audience to write a love letter to their mothers. Reward the participant who wrote the most beautiful letter or the one with the most votes by offering them a gift or “visibility” by displaying their message on your social media. This contest works for both children and adults ?


2. Celebrate mums on TV with a revisited Guess who?

Create a “Guess who?” game which will unanimously be approved by your audience. The game’s goal is simple: participants have to guess who’s behind a deteriorated image. It’s your turn to play!

Tip to establish an audience’s loyalty: reveal a part of your image little by little. As one goes along (every day or every week, for example), the picture gets clearer to facilitate the gameplay.

3. Celebrate badass mums with a “true or false”

Where would we be without our mothers? Imagine a “true or false” putting forward the extraordinary, incredible or heroic acts accomplished by mothers around the world for their children.


Other quiz ideas:

  • The most badass mums in movie history
  • Badass mums who made the History

4. Choose a must-have: the personality test

Are you ready to be a mum?” Based on the participants’ answers, you can display the corresponding profile for them to share on their social media with a personalised message. You can integrate the test directly on your website using an iframe or on your Facebook page in a dedicated section.


5. Invite your users to share their experiences

A photo contest is always a good idea. Ask your visitors to share their best photo with their mother or, in a different vein, to share their mum’s best recipe. Then ask the community to vote for the most original photo or recipe, and reward the winner.


6. Organise a battle to know your audience’s preferences

A battle is the ideal format to know your audience’s preferences but also to highlight your products! Organise a poll between two of your products and offer your users the possibility to win a copy for their mother. Add a form at the end of the battle and choose the winners with a draw.


7. Choose the fun and popular Tinder format

Create a survey using the swiper format and ask the mothers in your community about the worst situations they’ve ever experienced with their children. Participants have to “swipe” left or right to answer your questions. A fun and engaging format!


8. Offer branded colourings and cards to print

Just as Andros did with its edutainment campaign, offer the youngest of your audience colouring and cards to print for their mothers. To increase your brand visibility, customise your colouring and cards with your logo and colours.


9. Organise a contest for the mothers-to-be

Easyjet launched, in collaboration with Buzzman, a campaign for the mothers-to-be. All participants had to post a picture of their belly with the hashtag #AlmostMothersDay on Instagram to try to win a trip before their baby arrives. The top 10 participants with the most votes were winning a round trip for two people to the destination of their choice.


In the same vein, you can also offer a contest to your audience to win their baby shower. Participants have to vote for their favourite activity and enter the draw to try to win the baby shower of their dreams.



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