There it is: the new episode of our video series “one minute, one job”! Discover the experience and advice of Elizabeta, Mehdi and Olivier. And if you missed it, feel free to read the previous episode.

Elizabeta Velica – Business Developer Manager

Based in Ghent, Elizabeta is building business opportunities by listening to the clients’ needs and representing Qualifio. Her best advice? Don’t compare yourself to others, and learn something new every day. Discover more of her experience and advice in her video.

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Mehdi Benallal – Head of Marketing

Mehdi is the head of the marketing team. His main role is to ensure the proper functioning of the team, whose missions consist in increasing Qualifio’s awareness and the number of commercial opportunities. His advice? Discover it in his video!

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Olivier de Lamotte – Product Owner

If there is one person who takes your suggestions into account and decides on the planning of the new functionalities of the Qualifio platform, it is Olivier. And if he has any advice for you, it’s to choose the boss who will inspire you the most at the beginning of your career. Discover the rest of his experience in video.

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